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7560An exploration of the relationship between police presence, crime, and business in developing countriesIslam,Asif Mohammed2016/02
7555Greying the budget : ageing and preferences over public policiesde Mello,Luiz; Schotte,Simone Raphaela; Tiongson,Erwin H. R.; Winkler,Hernan Jorge2016/02
7554Why are the elderly more averse to immigration when they are more likely to benefit ? evidence across countriesSchotte,Simone Raphaela; Winkler,Hernan Jorge2016/02
7553The welfare cost of inflation and the regulations of money substitutesEden,Benjamin; Eden,Maya2016/02
7552Do resource-rich countries suffer from a lack of fiscal discipline ?Bleaney,Michael Francis; Halland,Havard2016/02
7543The great recession and job loss spillovers : impact of tradable employment shocks on supporting servicesNguyen,Ha Minh; Rezaei,Shawheen2016/01
7537Striving for balance in economics : towards a theory of the social determination of behaviorHoff,Karla; Stiglitz,Joseph E.2016/01
7536Global supply chains and trade policyBlanchard,Emily J.; Bown,Chad P.; Johnson,Robert Christopher2016/01
7535How does long-term finance affect economic volatility ?Demirguc-Kunt,Asli; Horvath,Balint Laszlo; Huizinga,Harry P.2016/01
7531Fossil fuel subsidy and pricing policies : recent developing country experienceKojima,Masami2016/01
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