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7661Non-tariff measures and the world trading systemEderington,Josh; Ruta,Michele2016/05
7659How does the sensitivity of consumption to income vary over time? international evidenceIslamaj,Ergys; Kose,Ayhan2016/04
7657Does e-government improve government capacity ? evidence from tax administration and public procurementKochanova,Anna; Hasnain,Zahid; Larson,Bradley Robert2016/04
7653Markets and manipulation : time for a paradigm shift ?Basu,Kaushik2016/04
7649The GATT's starting point : tariff levels circa 1947Bown,Chad P.; Irwin,Douglas A.2016/04
7647Identifying gazelles : expert panels vs. surveys as a means to identify firms with rapid growth potentialFafchamps,Marcel; Woodruff,Christopher M.2016/04
7645What type of finance matters for growth ? Bayesian model averaging evidenceHasan,Iftekhar; Horvath,Roman; Mares,Jan2016/04
7639Managing sudden stopsEichengreen,Barry J.; Gupta,Poonam2016/04
7637Economic structural change as an option for mitigating the impacts of climate changeGolub,Alexander Alexandrovich; Toman,Michael A.2016/04
7635Disaster risk management and fiscal policy : narratives, tools, and evidence associated with assessing fiscal risk and building resilienceMechler,Reinhard; Mochizuki,Junko; Hochrainer-Stigler,Stefan2016/04
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