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7809Are all trade agreements equal ? the role of distance in shaping the effect of economic integration agreements on trade flows2016/08
7805On the impact of demographic change on growth, savings, and povertyVargas Da Cruz,Marcio Jose; Ahmed, S. Amer2016/08
7804The capabilities driving participation in global value chainsPathikonda,Vilas G.; Farole,Thomas2016/08
7803Unequal before the law : measuring legal gender disparities across the worldIqbal,Sarah; Islam,Asif Mohammed; Ramalho,Rita; Sakhonchik,Alena2016/08
7794Synergies in child nutrition : interactions of food security, health and environment, and child careSkoufias,Emmanuel2016/08
7793Estimating poverty rates in target populations : an assessment of the simple poverty scorecard and alternative approachesDiamond,Alexis; Gill,Michael; Rebolledo Dellepiane,Miguel Angel; Skoufias,Emmanuel; Vinha,Katja; Xu,Yiqing2016/08
7791Negative interest rate policies : sources and implicationsArteta,Carlos; Kose,Ayhan; Stocker,Marc; Taskin,Temel2016/08
7790Global health workforce labor market projections for 2030Liua,Jenny X; Goryakin,Yevgeniy; Maeda,Akiko; Bruckner,Tim Allen; Scheffler,Richard M.2016/08
7786The microfinance business model : enduring subsidy and modest profitCull,Robert J.; Demirguc-Kunt,Asli; Morduch,Jonathan J.2016/08
7785Disaggregating the impact of the internet on international tradeOsnago,Alberto; Tan,Shawn Weiming2016/08
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