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8007Economic upgrading through global value chain participation : which policies increase the value added gains ?Kummritz,Victor; Taglioni,Daria; Winkler,Deborah Elisabeth2017/03
8006Assessing the role of international organizations in the development of the social enterprise sectorHoyos,Angela; Angel-Urdinola,Diego2017/03
8005Trade policy and redistribution when preferences are non-homotheticDo,Quy-Toan; Levchenko,Andrei A.2017/03
8004The motherhood penalty and female employment in urban IndiaDas,Maitreyi B; Zumbyte,Ieva2017/03
8003Is there enough redistribution ?Eden,Maya2017/03
8002Do foreign investors underperform ? An empirical decomposition into style and flowsPedraza Morales,Alvaro Enrique; Pulga,Fredy; Vasquez,Jose2017/03
8001Are poor individuals mainly found in poor households ? evidence using nutrition data for AfricaBrown,Caitlin Susan; Ravallion,Martin; Van De Walle,Dominique2017/03
8000Measuring skills in developing countriesLaajaj,Rachid; Macours,Karen2017/03
7999Effects of public policy on child labor : current knowledge, gaps, and implications for program designDammert,Ana C.; De Hoop,Jacobus Joost; Mvukiyehe,Eric; Rosati,Furio Camillo2017/03
7998Financial information in ColombiaGine,Xavier; Garcia,Nidia; Gomez-Gonzalez,Jose2017/03
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