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WDP430Closing the gap in access to rural communications - Chile 1995 - 2002Wellenius, Bjorn2002/02
WDP428Managing the real and fiscal effects of banking crisesKlingbiel, Daniela; Laeven, Luc [editors]; Claesens, Stijn; Honohan, Patrick; Caprio, Gerard2002/01
WDP415Facets of globalization : international and local dimensions of developmentYusuf, Shahid; Evenett, Simon; Weiping Wu [editors]2001/10
WDP424Farm debt in the CIS - a multi-country study of the major causes and proposed solutionsCsaki, Csaba; Lerman, Zvi; Sotnikov, Sergey2001/05
WDP421Free trade area membership as a stepping stone to development : the case of ASEANFukase, Emiko; Martin, Will2001/02
WDP412Intellectual property rights and economic developmentBraga, Carlos A. Primo; Fink, Carsten; Sepulveda, Claudia Paz2000/03
WDP411Making the transition work for women in Europe and Central AsiaLazreg, Marnia [editor]1999/12
WDP402Trade, global policy, and the environmentEliste, Paavo; Markandya, Anil; Anderson, Kym; Barrett, Scott; van der Mensbrugghe, Dominique; Strutt, Anna; Mamingi, Nlandu; Dessus, Sebastien; Roland-Holst, David; Beghin, John; Hettige, Hemamala; Dasgupta, Susmita; Mani, Muthukumara; Laplante, Benoit; Bowland, Brad; Chomwitz, Kenneth; Dean, JudithM.; Emerton, Lucy; Fredricksson, Per G. [ editor ]; Gaston, Noel; Griffiths, Charles; Martin,Will; Mwale, Sam; Parry, Ian W. H.; Puri, Jyostna; Wheeler, David; Fredricksson, Per G. [ editor ]*Strutt, Anna*And1999/08
WDP390Evolution of agricultural services in Sub-Saharan Africa - trends and prospectsKampen, Jacob; Venkatesan, V.; Venkatesan, V.*Kampen, Jacob1998/07
WDP358China's non-bank financial institutions : trust and investment companiesKumar, Anjali; Lardy, Nicholas; Selwyn, Susan; Perttunen, Paula; Tao Zhang1997/03
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