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WTP54A manager's guide to monitoring and evaluating urban development programs : a handbook for program managers and researchersBamberger, Michael; Hewitt, Eleanor2005/09
WTP525Mejora de la movilidad rural : opciones para el desarrollo del transporte motorizado y no motorizado en las areas ruralesStarkey, Paul; Ellis, Simon; Hine, John; Ternell, Anna2004/05
WTP505Treasury reference modelHashim, Ali; Allan, Bill2003/11
WTP539Institutional elements of tax design and reformMcLaren, John [editor]; Kobb, Dan; Gang, Ira; Das Gupta , Arindam; Treisman, Daniel; Rao, M. Govinda; Singh,Nirvikar; Silva, Emilson C.D.; McMillan, Margaret S.2003/01
WTP533Expenditure policies toward EU accessionFunck, Bernard [editor]2003/01
WTP529Coping with the cold - heating strategies for Eastern Europe and Central Asia's urban poorLampietti, Julian A.; Meyer, Anke S.2003/01
WTP538Generating public sector resources to finance sustainable development - revenue and incentive effectsPagiola, Stefano; Martin-Hurtado, Roberto; Shyamsundar, Priya; Mani, Muthukumara; Silva, Patricia2002/12
WTP531Poverty and ethnicity - a cross-country study of ROMA poverty in Central EuropeRevenga, Ana; Ringold, Dena; Tracy, William Martin2002/11
WTP527Transport policies for the Euro-Mediterranean free-trade area : an agenda for multimodal transport reform in the Southern MediterraneanMuller-Jentsch, Daniel2002/08
WTP523Food and agricultural policy in Russia - progress to date and the road forwardCsaki, Csaba; Nash, John; Matusevich, Vera; Kray, Holger2002/07
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