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17143Investments to improve the energy efficiency of existing residential buildings in countries of the former Soviet UnionMartinot, Eric; Martinot,Eric1997/09
17078Between state and market : mass privatization in transition economiesLieberman, Ira W.; Desai, Raj M. [ Editors ]; Nestor, Stilpon S.; Lieberman, Ira W.*Nestor, Stilpon S.*Desai, Raj1997/09
17427Policies on imports from economies in transition - two case studiesMichalopoulos, Constantine; Winters, L. Alan; Ehrenhaft, Peter D.; Hindley, Brian Vernon; Ehrenhaft, Peter D.*Hindley, Brian Vernon*Michal1997/09
16157Statistical handbook 1996 : states of the former USSR1996/12
15604Foreign trade in the transition : the international environment and domestic policyZhen Kun Wang; Winters, Alan L.; Kaminski, Bartlomiej; Kaminski, Bartlomiej*Zhen Kun Wang*Winters, Alan1996/04
15255Statistical handbook 1995 : states of the former USSR1995/12
15178Foreign trade statistics in the USSR and successor statesBelkindas, Misha V.; Ivanova, Olga V. [editors]; Belkindas, Misha V.*Ivanova, Olga V. [editors]1995/11
14597Russian Federation - Investment policy in RussiaLe Houerou, Philippe H.; Le Houerou,Philippe H.1995/06
14692Mass privatization in Central and Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union : a comparative analysisEwing, Andrew; Lieberman, Ira W.; Mukherjee, Joyita; Fidler, Peter [editors]; Mejstrik, Michal; Lieberman, Ira W.*Ewing, Andrew*Mejstrik, Michal1995/06
13810Trade in the new independent statesMichalopoulos, Constantine; Tarr, David G. [editors]; Michalopoulos, Constantine*Tarr, David G. [edito1995/06
[1] 23
Display Result in sets of: 102050