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7045Testing weak exogeneity in cointegrated panelsMoral-Benito, Enrique; Serven, Luis2014/09
7044Who benefits from government health spending and why? a global assessmentWagstaff, Adam; Bilger, Marcel; Buisman, Leander R.; Bredenkamp, Caryn2014/09
7043Updating poverty estimates at frequent intervals in the absence of consumption data : methods and illustration with reference to a middle-income countryDang, Hai-Anh H.; Lanjouw, Peter F.; Serajuddin, Umar2014/09
7042A comprehensive review of empirical and modeled HIV incidence trends (1990-2012)Taaffe, Jessica; Fraser-Hurt, Nicole; Gorgens, Marelize; Harimurti, Pandu2014/09
7041How do countries measure, manage, and monitor fiscal risks generated by public-private partnerships? Chile, Peru, South Africa, TurkeyAslan, Cigdem; Duarte, David2014/09
7040Estimating the long-run impact of microcredit programs on household income and net worthWoutersen, Tiemen; Khandker, Shahidur R.2014/09
7039Interactions among donors' aid allocations : evidence from an exogenous World Bank income thresholdKnack, Stephen; Xu, Lixin Colin; Zou, Ben2014/09
7038Governors and governing institutions: a comparative study of state-business relations in Russia's regionsGharafutdinova, Gulnaz ; Kisunko, Gregory2014/09
7037Nash equilibria of games when players' preferences are quasi-transitiveBasu, Kaushik; Pattanaik, Prasanta K.2014/09
7036Measuring the impact of a change in the price of Cashew received by exporters on farmgate prices and poverty in Guinea-BissauCont, Walter; Porto, Guido2014/09
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