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6980How useful is inequality of opportunity as a policy construct ?Kanbur, Ravi; Wagstaff, Adam2014/07
6979Trade flows and trade disputes2014/07
6978Evolving wage cyclicality in Latin AmericaMessina, Julian; Gambetti, Luca2014/07
6977The dynamics of centralized procurement reform in a decentralized state : evidence and lessons from IndonesiaSacks, Audrey; Rahman, Erman; Turkewitz, Joel; Buehler, Michael; Saleh, Imad2014/07
6976Why firms avoid cutting wages : survey evidence from European firmsDu Caju, Philip; Kosma, Theodora; Lawless, Martina; Messina, Julian; Room, Tairi2014/07
6975Managing quantity, quality, and timing in Indian cane sugar production : ex post marketing permits or ex ante production contracts ?Patlolla, Sandhyarani; Goodhue, Rachael E.; Sexton, Richard J.2014/07
6974The return of "patrimonial capitalism" : review of Thomas Piketty's capital in the 21st centuryMilanovic, Branko2014/07
6973Learning dynamics and support for economic reforms : why good news can be badvan Wijnbergen, Sweder; Willems, Tim2014/07
6972Inflation and indivisible investment in developing economiesEden, Maya; Nguyen, Ha2014/07
6971Can service be a growth escalator in low-income countries ?Ghani, Ejaz; O'Connell, Stephen D.2014/07
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