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7206Informal tradables and the employment growth of Indian manufacturingGhani,Syed Ejaz; Kerr,William Robert; Segura,Alex2015/03
7205Trade reform and regional dynamics : evidence from 25 years of Brazilian matched employer-employee dataDix Carneiro,Rafael; Kovak,Brian K.2015/03
7204Effects of the internet on participation : study of a public policy referendum in BrazilSpada,Paolo; Mellon,Jonathan; Peixoto,Tiago Carneiro; Sjoberg,Fredrik Matias2015/02
7203What really works to improve learning in developing countries ? an analysis of divergent findings in systematic reviewsEvans,David; Popova,Anna2015/02
7202Maize price volatility : does market remoteness matter ?Moctar,Ndiaye; d?H�tel Elodie,Maitre; Tristan,Le Cotty2015/02
7201Is increasing inorganic fertilizer use in Sub-Saharan Africa a profitable proposition ? evidence from NigeriaLiverpool-Tasie, Lenis Saweda O.; Omonona, Bolarin T.; Sanou, Awa; Ogunleye, Wale2015/02
7200Drinking water salinity and infant mortality in coastal BangladeshDasgupta, Susmita; Huq, Mainul; Wheeler, David2015/02
7199Gender differentials and agricultural productivity in NigerBackiny-Yetna, Prospere; McGee, Kevin2015/02
7198Behavioral economics and social exclusion : can interventions overcome prejudice ?Hoff, Karla2015/02
7197"Small miracles" -- behavioral insights to improve development policy : World Development Report 2015Demeritt, Allison; Hoff, Karla2015/02
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