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8369Long-run impacts of increasing tobacco taxes : evidence from South AfricaFuchs Tarlovsky,Alan; Del Carmen,Giselle; Mukong,Alfred Kechia2018/03
8368Resource misallocation and productivity gaps in MalaysiaChuah,Lay Lian; Loayza,Norman V.; Nguyen,Ha Minh2018/03
8367Giving Sisyphus a helping hand : pathways for sustainable RIA systems in developing countriesLadegaard,Peter Farup; Lundkvist,Petter; Kamkhaji,Jonathan Camillo2018/03
8366Impact of U.S. market access on local labor markets in VietnamHoang,Trung Xuan; Nguyen,Ha Minh2018/03
8365International competition, returns to skill, and labor market adjustmentFalvey,Rod; Greenaway,David; Silva,Joana C. G.2018/03
8364Employment structure and returns to skill in Vietnam : estimates using the labor force surveyDemombynes,Gabriel; Testaverde,Mauro2018/03
8363Size-dependent tax enforcement and compliance : global evidence and aggregate implicationsBachas,Pierre Jean; Fattal Jaef,Roberto N.; Jensen,Anders2018/03
8362The performance of a consumption augmented asset index in ranking Households and Identifying the PoorNgo,Diana; Christiaensen,Luc2018/03
8361Analysis of the mismatch between Tanzania household budget survey and national panel survey data in poverty and inequality levels and trendsBelghith,Nadia Belhaj Hassine; Adelaida Lopera,Maria; Etang Ndip,Alvin; Karamba,Wendy2018/03
8360Gender differences in poverty and household composition through the life-cycle : a global perspectiveMunoz Boudet,Ana Maria; Buitrago,Paola; Leroy De La Briere,Benedicte; Newhouse,David Locke; Rubiano Matulevich,Eliana Carolina; Scott,Kinnon; Suarez Becerra,Pablo2018/03
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