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8354Gross capital flows, common factors, and the global financial cycleBarrot Araya,Luis Diego; Serven,Luis2018/02
8353Identifying catch-up trajectories in child growth : new methods with evidence from young livesJones,Sam; Behrman,Jere R.; Dang,Hai-Anh H.; Anand ,Paul2018/02
8352Decentralization and redistribution : irrigation reform in Pakistan's Indus basinJacoby,Hanan G.; Mansuri,Ghazala; Fatima,Freeha2018/02
8351Governing the commons? : water and power in Pakistan's Indus basinJacoby,Hanan G.; Mansuri,Ghazala2018/02
8350Wider economic benefits of investments in transport corridors and the role of complementary policiesMelecky,Martin; Sharma,Siddharth; Subhash,Hari2018/02
8349The roots of inequality : estimating inequality of opportunity from regression treesBrunori,Paolo; Hufe,Paul; Mahler,Daniel Gerszon2018/02
8348A skills-based human capital framework to understand the phenomenon of youth economic disengagementAngel-Urdinola,Diego; Mayer Gukovas,Renata2018/02
8347Psychic vs. economic barriers to vaccine take-up : evidence from a field experiment in NigeriaSato,Ryoko; Takasaki,Yoshito2018/02
8346Distribution-sensitive multidimensional poverty measuresDatt,Gaurav2018/02
8345Water when it counts : reducing scarcity through irrigation monitoring in Central MozambiqueChristian,Paul J.; Kondylis,Florence; Mueller,Valerie Martina; Zwager,Astrid Maria Theresia; Siegfried,Tobias2018/02
Display Result in sets of: 102050

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