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7873Social capital, finance, and consumption: evidence from a representative sample of Chinese householdsCull,Robert J.; Gan,Li; Gao,Nan; Xu,L. Colin2016/10
7872Does debt relief improve child health ? evidence from cross-country micro dataWelander,Anna Carin Charlotte2016/10
7871The cultural trade index : an introductionKabanda,Patrick2016/10
7870The credibility of economic policy making in Argentina, 1989-2015Rosenblatt,David2016/10
7869Sharing oil rents and political violenceCordella,Tito; Onder,Harun2016/10
7868ICT use, innovation, and productivity : evidence from Sub-Saharan AfricaCirera,Xavier; Lage,Filipe; Sabetti,Leonard2016/10
7866How do cities in Ethiopia create jobs ?Mukim,Megha2016/10
7865Preferential liberalization, antidumping, and safeguards : stumbling block evidence from MERCOSURBown,Chad P.; Tovar,Patricia2016/10
7864Conflict and Poverty in Afghanistan's TransitionFloreani,Vincent Arthur; Lopez-Acevedo,Gladys C.; Rama,Martin G.2016/10
7862The world is not yet flat : transport costs matter !Behrens,Kristian; Brown,W. Mark; Bougna Lonla,Theophile2016/10
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