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88180Preserving stability and promoting growthOllero, Antonio; Vashakmadze, Ekaterine; Mansour, Wael; Mishra, Deepak; Hu, Bingjie; Lord, Montague; Clarke, Julian; Artuso, Fabio; Record, Richard; Ablaza, Christine; Beath, Andrew; Chua, Karl Kendrick; Coates, Brendan; Epetia, Tina; Limkin, Louie; Punongbayan, J. C.; Sabarillo, Anthony; Rahardja, Sjamsu; Wihardja, Monica; Hofman, Bert; Shetty, Sudhir2014/04
81681East Asia and Pacific economic update : rebuilding policy buffers, reinvigorating growthOllero, Antonio; Vashakmadze, Ekaterine; Mishra, Deepak; Spatafora, Nikola; Rocha, Roberto; Smits, Karlis; Wang, Jun; Mohapatra, Sanket; Packard, Truman; Nguyen, Trang Van; O'Keefe, Philip; Umapathi, Nithin; Somanathan, Aparnaa2013/10
76982A fine balance2013/04
74578Remaining resilient2012/12
69840Capturing new sources of growth2012/05
65796Navigating turbulence, sustaining growth2011/11
60619Securing the present, shaping the future2011/03
58285Robust recovery, rising risks2010/11
54436SummaryIzvorski, Ivailo2010/10
54436Main reportIzvorski, Ivailo2010/04
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