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83277Promoting healthy living in Latin America and the CaribbeanBonilla-Chacin, Maria Eugenia [editor]2013/12
83152Teacher reform in Indonesia : the role of politics and evidence in policy makingChang, Mae Chu; Shaeffer, Sheldon; Al-Samarrai, Samer; Ragatz, Andrew B.; de Ree, Joppe; Stevenson, Ritchie2013/11
82725Working through the crisis : jobs and policies in developing countries during the great recessionBanerji, Arup; Newhouse, David; Paci, Pierella; Robalino, David [editors]2013/11
82557Reducing poverty and investing in people : the new role of safety nets in AfricaMonchuk, Victoria2013/11
77020Labor market for health workers in Africa : new look at the crisisSoucat, Agnes; Scheffler, Richard; Ghebreyesus, Tedros Adhanom [editor]2013/11
64668El camino hacia la excelencia academica : la constitucion de universidades de investigacion de rango mundialAltbach, Philip G. [editor]; Salmi, Jamil [editor]2013/08
78687Improving skills development in the informal sector : strategies for Sub-Saharan AfricaAdams, Arvil V. ; Silva, Sara Johansson de ; Razmara, Setareh 2013/06
78682Twenty years of health system reform in Brazil : an assessment of the sistema unico de saudeGragnolati, Michele; Lindelow, Magnus; Couttolenc, Bernard2013/06
78484Early childhood education and development in poor villages of Indonesia : strong foundations, later successHasan, Amer; Hyson, Marilou; Chang, Mae Chu2013/06
78484Pendidikan dan Pengembangan Anak Usia Dini (PPAUD) di desa-desa miskin di Indonesia : landasan kokoh, hari esok cerahHasan, Amer; Hyson, Marilou; Chang, Mae Chu2013/06
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