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122330Health and nutrition in urban Bangladesh : social determinants and health sector governanceSecci,Federica; Chowdhury,Sadia Afroze; Raju,Dhushyanth; Frere,Jean-Jacques; Govindaraj,Ramesh; Govindaraj,Ramesh; Raju,Dhushyanth; Secci,Federica; Chowdhury,Sadia Afroze; Frere,Jean-Jacques2017/12
121954Democratic Republic of Congo urbanization review : productive and inclusive cities for an emerging Congo2017/12
120598Open and nimble : finding stable growth in small economiesLederman,Daniel; Lesniak,Justin Thomas2017/10
120402Morocco 2040 : emerging by investing in intangible capitalChauffour,Jean-Pierre Christophe2017/10
120402Morocco 2040 : emerging by investing in intangible capitalChauffour,Jean-Pierre Christophe2017/10
120401Fiscal and welfare impacts of electricity subsidies in Central AmericaHernandez Ore,Marco Antonio; Sanchez,Luis Alvaro; Sousa,Liliana Do Couto; Tornarolli,Leopoldo; Korczyc,Ewa Joanna; Olivera,Laura; Patron,Luis Rizo2017/10
120135Developing socioemotional skills for the Philippines? labor marketAcosta,Pablo Ariel; Igarashi,Takiko; Olfindo,Rosechin Tomes; Rutkowski,Jan J.2017/09
83030Facilitating trade through competitive, low-carbon transport : the case for Vietnam's inland and coastal waterwaysBlancas Mendivil,Luis C.; El-Hifnawi, M. Baher2017/09
119770Energy pricing policies for inclusive growth in Latin America and the CaribbeanBeylis,Guillermo Raul; Cunha,Barbara2017/09
119229The distributional impact of taxes and transfers : evidence from eight low- and middle-income countriesInchauste Comboni,Maria Gabriela; Lustig,Nora-451471; Younger,Stephen D.; Khachatryan,Artsvi; Hill,Ruth; Tsehaye,Eyasu; Kahsay,Tassew Woldehanna; Cancho,Cesar A.; Bondarenko,Elena; Jellema,Jon Robbert; Wai-Poi,Matthew Grant; Afkar,Rythia; Alam,Shamma Adeeb; Serajuddin,Umar; Lopez-Calva,Luis-Felipe; Matytsin,Mikhail; Popova,Daria; Maboshe,Mashekwa; Purfield,Catriona Mary; Woolard,Ingrid Denise; Arunatilake,Nisha Kanthimathie2017/08
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