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105982Work and family : Latin American and Caribbean women in search of a new balanceChioda,Laura2016/05
100758Shock waves : managing the impacts of climate change on povertyHallegatte,Stephane; Bangalore, Mook; Bonzanigo,Laura; Fay,Marianne; Kane,Tamaro; Narloch,Ulf Gerrit; Rozenberg,Julie; Treguer,David Olivier; Vogt-Schilb,Adrien Camille2015/11
94742The World Bank legal review, volume 6 : improving delivery in development - the role of voice, social contract, and accountabilityWouters, Jan [editor]; Ninio, Alberto [editor]; Doherty, Teresa [editor]; Cisse, Hassane [editor]2015/03
93877East Asia's changing urban landscape : measuring a decade of spatial growth2015/02
93686Financing transit-oriented development with land values : adapting land value capture in developing countriesHiroaki Suzuki; Jin Murakami; Yuhung Hong; Tamayose, Beth2015/01
74630Informe principalSuzuki, Hiroaki; Cervero, Robert; Iuchi, Kanako2014/04
84083Rapport completBrooks,Karen Mcconnell; Filmer,Deon P.; Fox,M. Louise; Goyal,Aparajita; Mengistae,Taye Alemu; Premand,Patrick; Ringold,Dena; Sharma,Siddharth; Zorya,Sergiy2014/01
82558The World Bank legal review, volume 5 : fostering development through opportunity, inclusion, and equityCisse, Hassane [editor]; Menon, N. R. Madhava [editor]; Segger, Marie-Claire Cordonier [editor]; Nmehielle, Vincent O. [editor]; Eliasson, Jan; Leroy, Anne-Marie; Sulser, Patricia O.; Chern, Cyril; Hoffman, Beth Anne; Boudry, Charles; Gehring, Markus W.; Boraine, Andre; Roestoff, Melanie; Garrido, Jose M.; Abdelhady, Hdeel; Correa, Fabiano de Andrade; Varela, David F.; Pearson, Annette; Fraser, Sean; Viano, Emilio C.; Prettitore, Paul; Joseph, Nicholas; Fernandes, Edesio; Saito, Yolanda; Kibugi, Robert; Alterman, Rachelle; Glasser, Matthew; Milovanovitch, Mihaylo; Panchu, Sriram; Rastogi, Avni; Fariello, Frank; Bo, Giovanni; Loris, William T.; Gadio, Kalidou; Iyi, John-Mark; Klugman, Jeni; Morton, Matthew; Patterson, David; Slattery, Elisa; Burke-Shyne, Naomi; McInerney-Lankford, Siobhan; Mulumba, Moses; Balakrishnan, Pulapre; Dokeniya, Anupama2014/01
77743Capital for the future : saving and investment in an interdependent worldDailami, Mansoor; Bussolo, Maurizio; Timmer, Hans; Basu, Kaushik2013/11
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