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51837Legal frameworks for tertiary education in Sub-Saharan Africa : the quest for institutional responsivenessSaint, William; Lao, Christine; Materu, Peter2009/09
48898School construction strategies for universal primary education in Africa : should communities be empowered to build their schools?Theunynck, Serge2009/01
47062The evolving regulatory context for private education in emerging economies : discussion paper and case studiesBjarnason, Svava; Patrinos, Harry Anthony; Tan, Jee-Peng; Fielden, John; LaRocque, Norman2008/12
42700Africa's future, Africa's challenge : early childhood care and development in Sub-Saharan AfricaGarcia, Marito; Pence, Alan; Evans, Judith L.2008/01
40100Costs and financing of higher education in Francophone AfricaBrossard, Mathieu; Foko, Borel2008/01
40100Couts et financement de l'enseignement superieur en Afrique FrancophoneBrossard, Mathieu; Foko, Borel2007/01
26605Achieving universal primary education by 2015 - a chance for every childBruns, Barbara; Mingat, Alain; Rakotomalala, Ramahatra [editors]2003/08
25947Tools for education : policy analysisMingat, Alain; Tan, Jee-Peng; Sosale, Shobhana2003/04
21905Education and health in Sub-Saharan Africa : a review of sector-wide approachesJohanson, Richard; Mattimore, Angel; Van Adams, Arvil; Bach-Baouab, Anwar; Bellew, Rosemary; Berk, David; Burnett,Nicholas; Decaillet, Francois; Dove, Linda; Frediksen, Birger; Hamilton, Donald; Jones, Bruce; McLaughlin, Julie; Murphy, Paud; Orbach, Eliezer; Panenborg, O. K.; Prouty, Robert; Jee Peng Tan; Weissman, Steve2001/01
Display Result in sets of: 102050