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118559Logistics competencies, skills, and training : a global overviewMcKinnon, Alan; Flothmann, Christoph; Hoberg, Kai; Wiederer,Christina Katharina; Arvis,Jean Francois2017/08
117828Ghana national health insurance scheme : improving financial sustainability based on expenditure reviewWang,Huihui; Otoo,Nathaniel; Dsane-Selby,Lydia2017/07
115788International practices to promote budget literacy : key findings and lessons learnedMasud,Harika; Pfeil,Helene; Agarwal,Sanjay; Gonzalez Briseno,Alfredo2017/06
114178From compliance to learning : a system for harnessing the power of data in the state of MarylandAbdul-Hamid,Husein; Mintz,Sarah Maurice; Saraogi,Namrata2017/04
109810Prospects for livestock-based livelihoods in Africa?s drylandsDe Haan,Cornelis2016/10
109811Increasing professionalism in public finance management : a case study of the United KingdomSquire,Sarah Jane; Beazley,John Ivor2016/10
91163????????????????????????: ???????Ikegami,Naoki2016/09
108023Integrated landscape approaches for Africa?s drylandsGray, Erin; Henninger,Norbert Eugen; Reij, Chris; Winterbottom, Robert; Agostini,Paola2016/08
108022Improved agricultural water management for Africa?s drylandsWard,Christopher S.; Torquebiau,Raphael; Xie, Hua2016/08
105984Public asset management companies : a toolkitCerruti Hailey,Caroline Marie C.; Neyens,Ruth2016/05
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