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114152Tales of skills : success stories of beneficiary graduates under STEP2017/04
7989Design of a multi-stage stratified sample for poverty and welfare monitoring with multiple objectives : a Bangladesh case studyAhmed,Faizuddin; Roy,Dipankar; Yanez Pagans,Monica; Yoshida,Nobuo2017/03
7986Seasonality of rural financeKhandker,Shahidur R.; Samad,Hussain A.; Badruddoza,Syed2017/02
7954Can solar lanterns improve youth academic performance ? experimental evidence from BangladeshKudo,Yuya; Shonchoy,Abu S.; Takahashi,Kazushi2017/01
7952Long-term growth scenarios for BangladeshSinha,Rishabh2017/01
7876New rural access index : main determinants and correlation to povertyIimi,Atsushi; Ahmed,A.K. Farhad; Anderson,Edward Charles; Diehl,Adam Stone; Maiyo,Laban; Peralta Quiros,Tatiana; Rao,Kulwinder Singh2016/11
107160Strengthening competitiveness in Bangladesh-thematic assessment : a diagnostic trade integration studyKathuria,Sanjay; Malouch, Mariem Mezghenni2016/07
7745Do consumers benefit from supply chain intermediaries ? evidence from a policy experiment in the edible oils market in BangladeshEmran,M. Shahe; Mookherjee,Dilip; Shilpi,Forhad J.; Uddin,M. Helal2016/07
106672Beyond ending poverty : the dynamics of microfinance in BangladeshKhandker,Kazem Adnan; Khalily,Baqui M.A.; Samad,Hussain A.2016/07
7736Impact of climate change and aquatic salinization on mangrove species and poor communities in the Bangladesh SundarbansDasgupta,Susmita; Sobhan,Istiak; Wheeler,David J.2016/06
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