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8018Ageing poorly? : accounting for the decline in earnings inequality in Brazil, 1995-2012Ferreira,Francisco H. G.; Firpo,Sergio P.; Messina,Julian2017/03
7933Estimation and inference for actual and counterfactual growth incidence curvesFerreira,Francisco H. G.; Firpo,Sergio; Galvao,Antonio F.2017/01
7796Short- and long-term effects of a child-labor banPiza,Caio; Portela Fernandes De Souza,Andre2016/08
7640Organizing knowledge to compete : impacts of capacity building programs on firm organizationVargas Da Cruz,Marcio Jose; Bussolo,Maurizio; Iacovone,Leonardo2016/04
7605Revisiting the impact of the Brazilian SIMPLES program on firms' formalization ratesPiza,Caio2016/03
7573Preschool education in Brazil : does public supply crowd out private enrollment ?Bastos,Paulo S. R.; Straume,Odd Rune2016/02
106302Monitor de Secas do Nordeste, em busca de um novo paradigma para a gest�o de secasMartins,Eduardo S�vio P.R.; De Nys,Erwin; Molej�n,Carmen; Biazeto,Bruno; Silva,Robson Franklin Vieira; Engle,Nathan Lee2015/12
106301Desafios da gest�o social dos per�metros p�blicos de irriga��o : uma avalia��o de experi�ncias no Nordeste do BrasilDamiani,Octavio; De Nys,Erwin2015/12
7497Women?s police stations and domestic violence : evidence from BrazilPerova,Elizaveta; Reynolds,Sarah2015/11
7470Measuring progress towards universal health coverage: with an application to 24 developing countriesWagstaff,Adam; Cotlear,Daniel; Eozenou,Patrick Hoang-Vu; Buisman,Leander Robert2015/11
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