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6291Incomplete, slow, and asymmetric price transmission in ten product markets of BoliviaVarela, Gonzalo J.2012/12
5604Food insecurity and public agricultural spending in Bolivia : putting money where your mouth is ?Cuesta, Jose; Edmeades, Svetlana; Madrigal, Lucia2011/03
5534Determinants and dynamics of schooling and child labor in BoliviaGrigoli, Francesco; Sbrana, Giacomo2011/01
5092Social impacts of climate change in Bolivia : a municipal level analysis of the effects of recent climate change on life expectancy, consumption, poverty and inequalityAndersen, Lykke E.; Verner, Dorte2009/10
50358Increasing formality and productivity of Bolivian firmsSakho, Yaye Seynabou; McKenzie, David; Loayza, Julio; Velasco, Julio2009/07
4671The place premium : wage differences for identical workers across the US borderClemens, Michael A.; Montenegro, Claudio E.; Pritchett, Lant2008/07
4591Earnings inequality within and across gender, racial, and ethnic groups in four Latin American CountriesCunningham, Wendy; Jacobsen, Joyce P.2008/04
4449Does it pay firms to register for taxes ? the impact of formality on firm profitabilityMcKenzie, David; Sakho, Yaye Seynabou2007/12
36337Participatory approaches to attacking extreme poverty : cases studies led by the International Movement ATD Fourth WorldWodon, Quentin2006/04
34428Privatization in Latin America : myths and realityChong, Alberto [editor]; Lopez de Silanes, Florencio [editor]; Anuatti-Neto, Francisco; Barossi-Filho, Milton; Capra, Katherine; Fischer, Ronald; Galiani, Sebastian; Garron, Mauricio; Gertler, Paul; Gledson de Carvalho, Antonio; Gutierrez, Rodrigo; Lopez-de-Silanes, Florencio; Macedo, Robert; Machicado, Carlos; Pombo, Carlos; Ramirez, Manuel; Schargrodsky, Ernesto; Serra, Pablo; Sturzenegger, Federico; Torero, Maximo2005/03
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