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7959Personality traits, technology adoption, and technical efficiency : evidence from smallholder rice farms in GhanaAli,Daniel Ayalew; Bowen,Derick; Deininger,Klaus W.2017/02
109384Expanding job opportunities in GhanaHonorati,Maddalena; Johansson De Silva,Sara2016/10
7868ICT use, innovation, and productivity : evidence from Sub-Saharan AfricaCirera,Xavier; Lage,Filipe; Sabetti,Leonard2016/10
7843Intergenerational education mobility in Africa : has progress been inclusive ?Azomahou,Theophile T.; Yitbarek,Eleni Abraham2016/09
7835Deepening without broadening ? jobs in Ghana's private sectorFrancis,David C.; Honorati,Maddalena2016/09
7778Dictators walking the Mogadishu line : how men become monsters and monsters become menLarcom,Shaun; Sarr,Mare; Willems,Tim2016/08
7758All that glitters is not gold : polarization amid poverty reduction in GhanaClementi,Fabio; Molini,Vasco; Schettino,Francesco2016/07
7752Should I stay or should I go ? internal migration and household welfare in GhanaMolini,Vasco; Pavelesku,Dan; Ranzani,Marco2016/07
7750Financial (Dis-)information : evidence from a multi-country audit studyGine,Xavier; Mazer,Rafael Keenan2016/07
7405Business practices in small firms in developing countriesMckenzie,David J.; Woodruff,Christopher M.2015/08
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