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7419Pronatal property rights over land and fertility outcomes : evidence from a natural experiment in EthiopiaAli,Daniel Ayalew; Deininger,Klaus W.; Kemper,Niels Gerd2015/09
7417Multidimensional poverty in Ethiopia : changes in overlapping deprivationsAmbel,Alemayehu A.; Mehta,Parendi Arafin; Yigezu,Biratu2015/09
7394Can improved biomass cookstoves contribute to REDD+ in low-income countries ? evidence from a controlled cooking test trial with randomized behavioral treatmentsBeyene,Abebe D.; Bluffstone,Randall; Dissanayake,Sahan; Gebreegziabher,Zenebe; Martinsson,Peter; Mekonnen,Alemu; Toman,Michael A.2015/08
7342Using national statistics to increase transparency of large land acquisition : evidence from EthiopiaAli,Daniel Ayalew; Deininger,Klaus W.; Harris,Charles Anthony Philip2015/06
7325The effect of nonbinding agreements on cooperation among forest user groups in Nepal and EthiopiaDannenberg,Astrid; Martinsson,Peter2015/06
7324Do improved biomass cookstoves reduce fuelwood consumption and carbon emissions ? evidence from rural Ethiopia using a randomized treatment trial with electronic monitoringBeyene,Abebe; Bluffstone,Randy; Gebreegzhiaber,Zenebe; Martinsson,Peter; Mekonnen,Alemu; Vieider,Ferdinand2015/06
7297The improved biomass stove saves wood, but how often do people use it ? evidence from a randomized treatment trial in EthiopiaBeyene,Abebe D.; Bluffstone,Randall; Gebreegziabher,Zenebe; Martinsson,Peter; Mekonnen,Alemu; Vieider,Ferdinand2015/06
7296Preferences for REDD+ contract attributes in low-income countries : a choice experiment in EthiopiaDissanayake,Sahan T. M.; Beyene,Abebe Damte; Bluffstone,Randall; Gebreegziabher, Zenebe; Martinsson,Peter; Mekonnen,Alemu; Toman,Michael A.; Vieider,Ferdinand M.2015/06
7292Ethiopia?s growth acceleration and how to sustain it?insights from a cross-country regression modelMoller,Lars Christian; Wacker,Konstantin M.2015/06
7282How much of the labor in African agriculture is provided by women ?Palacios-Lopez,Amparo; Christiaensen,Luc; Kilic,Talip2015/06
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