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7759Cheaper, faster, and more than good enough : is GPS the new gold standard in land area measurement ?Carletto,Calogero; Gourlay,Sydney; Murray,Siobhan; Zezza,Alberto2016/07
7734The development impact of financial regulation: evidence from Ethiopia and antebellum USALimodio,Nicola; Strobbe,Francesco2016/06
7733Financial regulation and government revenue : the effects of a policy change in EthiopiaLimodio,Nicola; Strobbe,Francesco2016/06
7719A methodology to assess indicative costs of risk financing strategies for scaling up Ethiopia's productive safety net programmeClarke,Daniel Jonathan; Coll-Black,Sarah; Cooney,Naomi Victoria; Edwards,Anna2016/06
7717Potential for application of a probabilistic catastrophe risk modelling framework to poverty outcomes : general form vulnerability functions relating household poverty outcomes to hazard intensity in EthiopiaPorter,Catherine; White,Emily Jennifer2016/06
7716Early warning, early action : the use of predictive tools in drought response through Ethiopia's productive safety net programmeDrechsler,Mareile Beate Stephanie; Soer,Wolter2016/06
7581Small area estimation of child malnutrition in Ethiopian woredasPave Sohnesen,Thomas; Ambel,Alemayehu A.; Fisker,Peter Simonsen; Andrews,Colin; Khan,Qaiser M.2016/02
7576Large farm establishment, smallholder productivity, labor market participation, and resilience : evidence from EthiopiaAli,Daniel Ayalew; Deininger,Klaus W.; Harris,Charles Anthony Philip2016/02
7511Blending top-down federalism with bottom-up engagement to reduce inequality in EthiopiaKhan,Qaiser M.; Faguet,Jean-Paul; Ambel,Alemayehu A.2015/12
7508Maternal and child health inequalities in EthiopiaAmbel,Alemayehu A.; Andrews,Colin; Bakilana,Anne Margreth; Foster,Elizabeth; Khan,Qaiser M.; Wang,Huihui2015/12
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