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7836Constructing robust poverty trends in the Islamic Republic of Iran : 2008-14Atamanov,Aziz; Mostafavi,Mohammad-Hadi; Salehi Isfahani,Djavad; Vishwanath,Tara2016/09
7549Lifting economic sanctions on Iran : global effects and strategic responsesIanchovichina,Elena; Devarajan,Shantayanan; Lakatos,Csilla2016/02
79891Economic development and Islamic financeIqbal, Zamir; Mirakhor, Abbas; Bao, Wang Yong; Sheng, Andrew; Singh, Ajit; Erbas, S. Nuri; Cizakca, Murat; Askari, Hossein; Iqbal, Zamir; Ahmed, Habib; Sharif, Kamaruddin; Bacha, Obiyathulla Ismath; Askari, Hossein; Rehman, Scheherazade; Othman, Azura2013/01
42535Environmental policies and strategic communication in Iran : the value of public opinion research in decisionmakingCalabrese, Daniele; Kalantari, Khalil; Santucci, Fabio M.; Stanghellini, Elena2008/01
42481Risk analysis for Islamic banksVan Greuning, Hennie ; Iqbal, Zamir2007/11
2874Risks and macroeconomic impacts of HIV/AIDS in the Middle East and North Africa : why waiting to intervene can be costlyRobalino, David A.; Jenkins, Carol; El Maroufi, Karim2002/08
2768Trade, foreign exchange, and energy policies in the Islamic Republic of Iran : reform agenda, economic implications, and impact on the poorJensen, Jesper; Tarr, David2002/01
21711Historic cities and sacred sites : cultural roots for urban futuresSerageldin, Ismail; Shluger, Ephim; Martin-Brown, Joan [editors]2000/12
19635Toward a virtuous circle : a nutrition review of the Middle East and North AfricaAoyama, Atsuko1999/08
1410Macroeconomic effects of terms-of-trade shocks : the case of oil-exporting countriesSpatafora, Nikola*Warner, Andrew1995/01
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