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8356India's internal labor migration paradox : the statistical and the realNayyar,Gaurav; Kim,Kyoung Yang2018/02
8350Wider economic benefits of investments in transport corridors and the role of complementary policiesMelecky,Martin; Sharma,Siddharth; Subhash,Hari2018/02
8339Do management interventions last ? evidence from IndiaBloom,Nicholas; Mahajan,Aprajit; Mckenzie,David J.; Roberts,John2018/02
8337Unlocking India's logistics potential : the value of disaggregated macroscopic freight flow analysisAritua,Bernard; Havenga,Jan; Simpson,Zane Paul; Chiew,Esther Woon Lyn2018/02
8316Cyclonic storm landfalls in Bangladesh, west Bengal and Odisha, 1877-2016 : a spatiotemporal analysisBandyopadhyay,Sunando; Dasgupta,Susmita; Khan,Zahirul Huque; Wheeler,David J.2018/01
8304Simulating pension income scenarios with penCalc : an illustration for India's national pension systemPrice,William Joseph; Sane,Renuka2018/01
8244Internal borders and migration in IndiaKone,Zovanga Louis; Liu,Maggie Y.; Mattoo,Aaditya; Ozden,Caglar; Sharma,Siddharth2017/11
120903Getting the right teachers into the right schools : managing India?s teacher workforceRamachandran,Vimala; Beteille,Tara; Linden,Tobias; Dey,Sangeeta; Goyal,Sangeeta; Chatterjee,Prerna Goel2017/11
8207Measuring the effectiveness of service delivery : delivery of government provided goods and services in IndiaDemirguc-Kunt,Asli; Klapper,Leora; Prasad,Neeraj2017/09
8205Making it easier to apply for a bank account: a study of the Indian marketDemirguc-Kunt,Asli; Klapper,Leora; Ansar,Saniya; Jagati,Aditya2017/09
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