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8362The performance of a consumption augmented asset index in ranking Households and Identifying the PoorNgo,Diana; Christiaensen,Luc2018/03
8330Redistribution and group participation : experimental evidence from Africa and the UKFafchamps,Marcel; Hill,Ruth2018/02
8192Could the debate be over ? errors in farmer-reported production and their implications for the inverse scale-productivity relationship in UgandaGourlay,Sydney; Kilic,Talip; Lobell,David2017/09
8186Moving out and up : panel data evidence on migration and poverty in UgandaMensah,Edouard Romeo; O'Sullivan,Michael B.2017/09
8137Taxation without representation ? experimental evidence from Ghana and Uganda on citizen action toward taxes, oil, and aidde la Cuesta,Brandon; Milner,Helen V.; Nielson,Daniel Lafayette; Knack,Stephen2017/07
8116Education and health services in Uganda : quality of inputs, user satisfaction, and community welfare levelsTsimpo Nkengne,Clarence; Etang Ndip,Alvin; Wodon,Quentin T.2017/06
8111Beyond income poverty : nonmonetary dimensions of poverty in UgandaEtang Ndip,Alvin; Tsimpo,Clarence2017/06
8080How do women fare in rural non-farm economy ?Fuje,Habtamu Neda2017/05
8048Does oil revenue crowd out other tax revenues ? policy lessons for UgandaTsoungui Belinga,Vincent De Paul; Melou,Maximillien Kaffo; Nganou,Jean-Pascal2017/05
7935With a little help : shocks, agricultural income, and welfare in UgandaHill,Ruth; Mejia-Mantilla,Carolina2017/01
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