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4243Population size, concentration, and civil war : a geographically disaggregated analysisHegre, Havard; Raleigh, Clionadh2007/06
36806Challenges of CAFTA : maximizing the benefits for Central AmericaJaramillo, C. Felipe; Lederman, Daniel2006/06
3850Do regional trade pacts benefit the poor ? An illustration from the Dominican Republic-Central American Free Trade Agreement in NicaraguaBussolo, Maurizio; Niimi, Yoko2006/02
36806EL CAFTA-RD : Desafios y oportunidades para America CentralJaramillo, C. Felipe; Lederman, Daniel2006/01
35036A comparative analysis of school-based management in Central AmericaDi Gropello, Emanuela2006/01
33795The urban poor in Latin AmericaFay, Marianne [editor]; Ruggeri Laderchi, Caterina; Wellenstein, Anna; Moser, Caroline; Winton, Ailsa; Moser, Annalise; Monkkomen, Paavo; Woolcock, Michael; Cohan, Lorena; McEvoy, Karla2005/06
33004Health system innovations in Central America: lessons and impact of new approachesLa Forgia, Gerard M. [editor]2005/05
33004Innovaciones en el sistema de salud de America Central: lecciones e impactos de nuevos enfoquesLa Forgia, Gerard M. [editor]2005/05
3584Business cycle synchronization and regional integration: a case study for Central AmericaFiess, Norbert2005/04
3475Using an asset-based approach to identify drivers of sustainable rural growth and poverty reduction in Central America : a conceptual frameworkSiegel, Paul B.2005/01
[1] 23
Display Result in sets of: 102050