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7802Prevalence, economic contribution, and determinants of trees on farms across Sub-Saharan AfricaMiller,Daniel Charles; Munoz Mora,Juan Carlos; Christiaensen,Luc2016/08
7789Who uses electricity in Sub-Saharan Africa ? findings from household surveysKojima,Masami; Zhou,Xin; Han,Jeesun; De Wit,Joerie Frederik; Bacon,Robert W.; Trimble,Christopher Philip2016/08
7788Financial viability of electricity sectors in Sub-Saharan Africa : quasi-fiscal deficits and hidden costsTrimble,Christopher Philip; Kojima,Masami; Perez Arroyo,Ines; Mohammadzadeh,Farah2016/08
107854Social protection programs for Africa?s drylandsDel Ninno,Carlo; Coll-Black,Sarah; Fallavier,Pierre Yves2016/08
7782Inequality of opportunity in Sub-Saharan AfricaBrunori,Paolo; Palmisano,Flaviana; Peragine,Vito2016/08
7729Roads and rural development in Sub-Saharan AfricaBerg,Claudia N.; Blankespoor,Brian; Selod,Harris2016/06
7710On the central role of small farms in African rural development strategiesLarson,Donald F.; Muraoka,Rie; Otsuka,Keijiro2016/06
7660Poverty and shared prosperity implications of deep integration in Eastern and Southern AfricaBalistreri,Edward Jay; Maliszewska,Maryla; Osorio-Rodarte,Israel; Tarr,David; Yonezawa,Hidemichi2016/05
105205Confronting drought in Africa?s drylands : opportunities for enhancing resilienceAgostini,Paola; Brenton,Paul; Carfagna, Federica; Conchedda, Giulia; De Haan,Cornelis; Del Ninno,Carlo; Dingel,Carl Christian; Ericksen, Polly; Fallavier,Pierre Yves; Gerber,Pierre Jean; Guo, Zhe; Ham,Frederic Francis Paul; Henninger,Norbert Eugen; Ickowicz, Alexandre; Koo, Jawoo; Manssouri, Mohamed; Mottet, Anne; Nash,John D.; Place,Frank M.; Ringler, Claudia; Syroka,Joanna; Toure,Ibra; Walker, Tom2016/05
7652Prices for poverty analysis in AfricaGaddis,Isis2016/04
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