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7406Are large firms born or made ? evidence from developing countriesAyyagari,Meghana; Demirguc-Kunt,Asli; Maksimovic,Vojislav2015/08
7403The middle-income trap turns tenGill,Indermit S.; Kharas,Homi2015/08
7401Review of logistics service regulations for freight forwarding businesses: what should be addressed for a better logistics regulatory framework ?Watanuki,Maika2015/08
99180Confronting climate uncertainty in water resources planning and project design : the decision tree frameworkRay,Patrick Alexander; Brown, Casey M.2015/08
7395Preferences, purchasing power parity, and inequality : analytical framework, propositions, and empirical evidenceMajumder,Amita; Ray,Ranjan; Santra,Sattwik2015/08
7390Depreciations without exports ? global value chains and the exchange rate elasticity of exportsAhmed,Swarnali; Appendino,Maximiliano Andres; Ruta,Michele2015/08
99028Operational guidelines and procedures for measuring the real size of the world economyBrannon,Morgan; Dikhanov,Yuri M.; Djayeola,Biokou Mathieu; Hamadeh,Nada; Mouyelo-Katoula,Michel; Rissanen,Marko Olavi; Romand,Virginia; Song,Inyoung; Vogel,Frederic A.; Yamanaka,Mizuki; Abels,Miglena; Jerbi,Imededdine; Lee,Min Ji; Min,Kyung Sam2015/08
98840Crediting-related activities under the Partnership for Market Readiness (PMR) : status and support for implementation2015/08
99100Global financial development report 2015-2016 : long-term finance2015/08
7381Climate-informed decisions: the capital investment plan as a mechanism for lowering carbon emissionsWhittington,Jan; Lynch,Catherine2015/07
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