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8110Does the adoption of complex software impact employment composition and the skill content of occupations ? evidence from Chilean firmsAlmeida,Rita Kullberg; Fernandes,Ana Margarida; Viollaz,Mariana2017/06
8111Beyond income poverty : nonmonetary dimensions of poverty in UgandaEtang Ndip,Alvin; Tsimpo,Clarence2017/06
8110Brexit : trade governance and legal implications for third countriesAlmeida,Rita Kullberg; Fernandes,Ana Margarida; Viollaz,Mariana2017/06
8109Are caste categories misleading ? the relationship between gender and Jati in three Indian statesJoshi,Shareen; Kochhar,Nishtha; Rao,Vijayendra2017/06
8107Fast, easy, and cheap job matching : social networks in BangladeshMatsuda,Norihiko; Nomura,Shinsaku2017/06
8106Estimating the welfare costs of reforming the Iraq public distribution system : a mixed demand approachKrishnan,Nandini; Olivieri,Sergio Daniel; Ramadan,Racha2017/06
8105Employment multipliers over the business cycleNguyen,Ha Minh; Soh,Jiaming2017/06
8104But ? what is the poverty rate today? testing poverty nowcasting methods in Latin America and the CaribbeanCaruso,German Daniel; Lucchetti,Leonardo Ramiro; Malasquez,Eduardo; Scot,Thiago; Castaneda, R. Andres2017/06
8103Scaling up distributed solar in emerging markets : the case of the Arab Republic of EgyptSakr,Dalia Abdelhamid Mahmoud; Huenteler,Joern Torsten; Matsuo,Tyeler Marissa; Khanna,Ashish2017/06
8102Heterogeneous effects of rural electrification: evidence from BangladeshSamad,Hussain A.; Zhang,Fan2017/06
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