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7258Universal health coverage in the Philippines : progress on financial protection goalsBredenkamp,Caryn; Buisman,Leander Robert2015/05
7257You are what (and where) you eat : capturing food away from home in welfare measuresFarfan,Gabriela; Genoni,Maria Eugenia; Vakis,Renos2015/05
7256Global poverty goals and prices : how purchasing power parity mattersJolliffe,Dean Mitchell; Prydz,Espen Beer2015/05
7254The dark side of disclosure : evidence of government expropriation from worldwide firmsLiu,Tingting; Ullah,Barkat; Wei,Zuobao; Xu,L. Colin2015/05
7253Socioeconomic impact of the crisis in north Mali on displaced peopleEtang Ndip,Alvin; Hoogeveen,Johannes G.; Lendorfer,Julia2015/05
7252Data deprivation : another deprivation to endSerajuddin,Umar; Uematsu,Hiroki; Wieser,Christina; Yoshida,Nobuo; Dabalen,Andrew L.2015/04
7251African mining, gender, and local employmentKotsadam,Andreas; Tolonen,Anja Karolina2015/04
7248Monitoring financial stability in developing and emerging economies : practical guidance for conducting macroprudential analysisDijkman,Miquel2015/04
7247Are we confusing poverty with preferences ?van den Boom,Bart; Halsema,Alex; Molini,Vasco2015/04
7250The local socioeconomic effects of gold mining : evidence from GhanaChuhan-Pole,Punam; Dabalen,Andrew L.; Kotsadam,Andreas; Sanoh,Aly; Tolonen,Anja Karolina2015/04
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