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SPECIES123Protect Endangered Plants and Animals2016/05
5749Decomposing the great trade collapse : products, prices, and quantities in the 2008-2009 crisisHaddad, Mona; Harrison, Ann; Hausman, Catherine2011/08
20788Brazil - Forests in the balance : challenges of conservation with developmentPerkins, Karin; Husain, Syed Arif; Viana, Virgilio; Verissimo, Adalberto; Vosti, Stephen; Lele, Uma; Husain,Syed Arif; Lele,Uma; Perkins,Karin; Verissimo,Adalberto; Viana,Virgilio M.; Vosti,Stephen Anthony2010/01
5147The new multi-polar international monetary systemDailami, Mansoor; Masson, Paul2009/12
5144Pro-cyclical fiscal policy in brazil: evidence from the statesArena, Marco; Revilla, Julio E.2009/12
5101Korea and the BICs (Brazil, India and China) : catching up experiencesV. Chandra; Osorio-Rodarte , I.; Braga, C. A. Primo2009/10
5099Impacts of policy instruments to reduce congestion and emissions from urban transportation : the case of Sao Paulo, BrazilAnas, Alex; Timilsina, Govinda R.2009/10
5080A comparative perspective on poverty reduction in Brazil, China and IndiaRavallion, Martin2009/10
5027Ex-ante methods to assess the impact of social insurance policies on labor supply with an application to BrazilRobalino, David A.; Zylberstajn, Helio2009/08
5010How land title affects child labor ?Moura, Mauricio; da Silveira Bueno, Rodrigo De Losso; Leony, Larissa2009/07
Display Result in sets of: 102050