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8344Hit and run ? income shocks and school dropouts in Latin AmericaCerutti,Paula Maria; Crivellaro,Elena; Reyes,German Jeremias; Sousa,Liliana Do Couto2018/02
8311The changing way governments talk about poverty and inequality : evidence from two centuries of Latin American presidential speechesCalvo-Gonzalez,Oscar; Eizmendi,Axel; Reyes,German Jeremias2018/01
8310Winners never quit, quitters never grow : using text mining to measure policy volatility and its link with long-term growth in Latin AmericaCalvo-Gonzalez,Oscar; Eizmendi,Axel2018/01
122492Wage inequality in Latin America : understanding the past to prepare for the futureSilva,Joana C. G.; Messina,Juli�n2017/12
8220Who escaped poverty and who was left behind ? a non-parametric approach to explore welfare dynamics using cross-sectionsLucchetti,Leonardo Ramiro2017/10
8198Which emerging markets and developing economies face corporate balance sheet vulnerabilities ? : a novel monitoring frameworkFeyen,Erik H.B.; Fiess,Norbert Matthias; Zuccardi Huertas,Igor Esteban; Pillonca,Lara Alice Victoria2017/09
119770Energy pricing policies for inclusive growth in Latin America and the CaribbeanBeylis,Guillermo Raul; Cunha,Barbara2017/09
8104But ? what is the poverty rate today? testing poverty nowcasting methods in Latin America and the CaribbeanCaruso,German Daniel; Lucchetti,Leonardo Ramiro; Malasquez,Eduardo; Scot,Thiago; Castaneda, R. Andres2017/06
8072Perceptions of distributive justice in Latin America during a period of falling inequalityReyes,German Jeremias; Gasparini,Leonardo Carlos2017/05
41789?? ??????? ??????? ??????? ????? ???????Greaney, Vincent [editor]; Kellaghan, Thomas [editor]2017/05
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