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6974The return of "patrimonial capitalism" : review of Thomas Piketty's capital in the 21st centuryMilanovic, Branko2014/07
6972Inflation and indivisible investment in developing economiesEden, Maya; Nguyen, Ha2014/07
6968Evidence of development impact from institutional change : a review of the evidence on open budgetingLing, Cristina; Roberts, Dawn2014/07
6967Ponzis : the science and mystique of a class of financial fraudsBasu, Kaushik2014/07
6966Services, inequality, and the dutch diseaseBattaile, Bill; Chisik, Richard; Onder, Harun2014/07
6965Measuring the effect of internet adoption on paper consumptionAndres, Luis; Zentner, Alejandro; Zentner, Joaquin2014/07
6963Inequality is bad for growth of the poor (but not for that of the rich)van der Weide, Roy; Milanovic, Branko2014/07
6962Estimation of normal mixtures in a nested error model with an application to small area estimation of poverty and inequalityElbers, Chris; van der Weide, Roy2014/07
89063Suspending suspicious transactionsStroligo, Klaudijo; Intscher, Horst; Davis-Crockwell, Susan2014/06
88878Municipal finances : a handbook for local governmentsFarvacque-Vitkovic, Catherine [editor]; Kopanyi, Mihaly [editor]2014/06
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