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109551Doing business 2017 : equal opportunity for all2016/10
7872Does debt relief improve child health ? evidence from cross-country micro dataWelander,Anna Carin Charlotte2016/10
7871The cultural trade index : an introductionKabanda,Patrick2016/10
7869Sharing oil rents and political violenceCordella,Tito; Onder,Harun2016/10
7867Assessing the degree of international consumption risk sharingHevia,Constantino; Serven,Luis2016/10
7865Preferential liberalization, antidumping, and safeguards : stumbling block evidence from MERCOSURBown,Chad P.; Tovar,Patricia2016/10
7863Does governing law affect bond spreads ?Ratha,Dilip K.; De,Supriyo; Kurlat,Sergio Andres2016/10
7862The world is not yet flat : transport costs matter !Behrens,Kristian; Brown,W. Mark; Bougna Lonla,Theophile2016/10
109156Attracting investment in Bangladesh?sectoral analyses : a diagnostic trade integration studyKathuria,Sanjay (editor); Mezghenni Malouche,Mariem (editor)2016/10
7859A first step up the energy ladder ? low cost solar kits and household's welfare in Rural RwandaGrimm,Michael; Munyehirwe,Anicet; Peters,Jorg; Sievert,Maximiliane2016/10
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