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92494Purchasing power parities and real expenditures of World economics : a comprehensive report of the 2011 International Comparison Program2014/11
7126Climate change and poverty -- an analytical frameworkHallegatte, Stephane; Bangalore, Mook; Bonzanigo, Laura; Fay, Marianne; Narloch, Ulf; Rozenberg, Julie; Vogt-Schilb, Adrien2014/11
7125Trade and civil conflict : revisiting the cross-country evidenceCali, Massimiliano; Mulabdic, Alen2014/11
7124Place and child health : the interaction of population density and sanitation in developing countriesHathi, Payal; Haque, Sabrina; Pant, Lovey; Coffey, Diane; Spears, Dean2014/11
7123Developing social-emotional skills for the labor market : the PRACTICE modelGuerra, Nancy; Modecki, Kathryn; Cunningham, Wendy2014/11
7122Structural reforms and labor market outcomes : international panel data evidenceHollweg, Claire H.; Lederman, Daniel; Mitra, Devashish2014/11
7118The creative wealth of nations : how the performing arts can advance development and human progressKabanda, Patrick2014/11
7113What makes a currency procyclical ? an empirical investigationCordella, Tito; Gupta, Poonam2014/11
7110Urbanization and housing investmentDasgupta, Basab; Lall, Somik V.; Lozano-Gracia, Nancy2014/11
7109The economic effects of a borrower bailout : evidence from an emerging marketGine, Xavier; Kanz, Martin2014/11
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