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South Asia Migration Project

Cross Border Labor Mobility, Remittances and Economic Development in South Asia

The World Bank has recently launched a regional research initiative to benchmark cross-border labor mobility and remittances and their implication for economic development in South Asia. The initiative focuses on four thematic modules which include:

  • Detailed benchmarking of migration and remittances in South Asia based on the most recent country and household level data (Facts)
  • Assessment of the impacts of cross-border mobility and remittances on economic and social measures of individual and household welfare (Impacts)
  • Review and analysis of existing regulations that govern migration and remittances in South Asia (Regulations)
  • Analysis of macro-economic effects and sustainability of remittances as a viable source of development finance (Sustainability)

Study of Regulations and Public/Private Institutions involved in Migration and Remittances in South Asia

As an integral part of the project on "Cross Border Labor Mobility, Remittances and Economic Development in South Asia", the Bank envisages commissioning a series of consultancies in South Asia and in the key migrant receiving countries to study the policies, and institutions (both public and private) that are involved in migration and remittances. The findings from these studies will provide a basis to national policy makers and institutions to develop a robust policy and regulatory response to improve the functioning and impacts of migration and remittances in their respective countries.

The proposed research work in each migrant sending country from South Asia is divided into two components: a) Governance and management of international migration, including the role of private sector intermediaries; b) Regulations, public institutions and private sector players in remittance markets. This migrant sending country analysis will be complemented with a study of regulatory environment and migration practices of the host country and migrants’ experiences in Malaysia and the UAE.

For each component in five migrant-sending countries in South Asia and for the study of policies, practices and migrants’ experiences in the two migrant-destination countries, the World Bank is seeking the services of consultants who have prior experience of working on similar issues in the countries of interest and/or in similar contexts. See more details here.


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