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State of the environment report - the Gambia : a report by the National Environment Agency (March 1997), Volume 1
Author:Baldeh, Nyada Yoba; Laisi, Elton; Grey-Johnson, Nana [editor]; Collection Title:State of the environment report series
Country:Gambia, The; Date Stored:2000/11/03
Document Date:1997/03/31Document Type:Publication
SubTopics:Information Technology; Information and Records Management; Transport Security; General Technology; Educational Technology and Distance EducationISBN:ISBN 9983910004
Language:EnglishMajor Sector:(Historic)Environment
Region:AfricaReport Number:21115
Sub Sectors:Other EnvironmentVolume No:1

Summary: This report is the first executive report on the environment in The Gambia following the institution of The Gambia Environmental Action Plan (GEAP). The report does not provide a prescription for all environmental problems and constraints that may exist, but rather acts as a benchmark from which actions can be taken immediately or in the short-, medium-, or long-term. since it is not always feasible to provide a holistic picture of the environment as often as needed, a report of this nature will be produced every five years. This report looks at what happened, what is currently happening, and what will likely happen. It further suggests possible interventions to be put into place. It introduces the concept of the state of the environment reporting, the reports thesis, environmental constraints, and efforts made to develop methods of data collection, processing, and analysis to be used in presenting a complete picture of the environment. Specifically, chapters focus on the geophysical nature of the country; the institutional framework for GEAP coordination and implementation; the overall state of the agriculture sector and its impact on resources; the social and economic characteristics of the country; energy sources used and available optios for developing renewable energy resources; the impact of industry, tourism and mining; and environmental awareness and management.
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