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7344The next wave of deaths from Ebola ? the impact of health care worker mortalityPolicy Research Working PaperEvans,David; Goldstein,Markus P.; Popova,Anna2015/07
7360Use of catastrophe risk models in assessing sovereign food security for risk transferPolicy Research Working PaperSharmamMohan; Hohl,Roman2015/07
7359Linking risk models to microeconomic indicatorsPolicy Research Working Paper2015/07
7358Using probabilistic models to appraise and decide on sovereign disaster risk financing and insurancePolicy Research Working PaperLey-Borr�s,Roberto; Fox,Benjamin Daniel2015/07
7357The indirect cost of natural disasters and an economic definition of macroeconomic resiliencePolicy Research Working PaperHallegatte,Stephane2015/07
7356Quantifying through ex post assessments the micro-level impacts of sovereign disaster risk financing and insurance programsPolicy Research Working PaperDe Janvry,Alain F.2015/07
7355Public expenditure following disastersPolicy Research Working PaperBevan,David L.; Cook,Samantha Jane2015/07
7354Pyramid capitalism : political connections, regulation, and firm productivity in EgyptPolicy Research Working PaperDiwan,Ishac; Keefer,Philip E.; Schiffbauer,Marc Tobias2015/07
7353Capital market financing, firm growth, and firm size distributionPolicy Research Working PaperDidier Brandao,Tatiana; Levine,Ross Eric; Schmukler,Sergio L.2015/07
7352Do poor countries really need more IT ? the role of relative prices and industrial compositionPolicy Research Working PaperEden,Maya; Gaggl,Paul2015/06
Display Result in sets of: 102050

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