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7734The development impact of financial regulation: evidence from Ethiopia and antebellum USAPolicy Research Working PaperLimodio,Nicola; Strobbe,Francesco2016/06
7733Financial regulation and government revenue : the effects of a policy change in EthiopiaPolicy Research Working PaperLimodio,Nicola; Strobbe,Francesco2016/06
7732Who benefited from Burundi's demobilization program ?Policy Research Working PaperD'Aoust,Olivia Severine; Sterck,Olivier Christian Brigitte; Verwimp,Philip2016/06
7731Poverty and policy selectivity of World Bank trust fundsPolicy Research Working PaperEichenauer,Vera; Knack,Stephen2016/06
7730Evidence from a randomized evaluation of the household welfare impacts of conditional and unconditional cash transfers given to mothers or fathersPolicy Research Working Paper2016/06
7729Roads and rural development in Sub-Saharan AfricaPolicy Research Working PaperBerg,Claudia N.; Blankespoor,Brian; Selod,Harris2016/06
7728Estimation of climate change damage functions for 140 regions in the GTAP9 databasePolicy Research Working PaperRoson,Roberto; Sartori,Martina2016/06
7724Do fiscal multipliers depend on fiscal positions ?Policy Research Working PaperHuidrom,Raju; Kose,Ayhan; Lim,Jamus Jerome; Ohnsorge,Franziska Lieselotte2016/06
7727Is inequality underestimated in Egypt ? evidence from house pricesPolicy Research Working PaperVan Der Weide,Roy; Lakner,Christoph; Ianchovichina,Elena2016/06
7726What difference does good monitoring & evaluation make to World Bank project performance ?Policy Research Working Paper2016/06
Display Result in sets of: 102050

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