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7910Optimal allocation of natural resource surpluses in a dynamic macroeconomic framework : a DSGE analysis with evidence from UgandaPolicy Research Working PaperZeufack,Albert G.; Kopoin,Alexandre; Nganou,Jean-Pascal; Tchana Tchana,Fulbert; Kemoe,Laurent2016/12
7909Sources of productivity growth in Uganda : the role of interindustry and intra-industry misallocation in the 2000sPolicy Research Working PaperDennis,Allen Curtis K.; Mengistae,Taye Alemu; Yoshino,Yutaka; Zeufack,Albert G.2016/12
7908Financial constraints and girls' secondary education: evidence from school fee elimination in the GambiaPolicy Research Working PaperBlimpo,Moussa Pouguinimpo; Gajigo,Ousman; Pugatch,Todd2016/12
7907CPI bias and its implications for poverty reduction in AfricaPolicy Research Working PaperDabalen,Andrew L.; Gaddis,Isis; Nguyen,Nga Thi Viet2016/12
7906Mining and economic development : did China's WTO accession affect African local economic development ?Policy Research Working PaperAddison,Tony; Boly,Amadou; Mveyange,Anthony Francis2016/12
7905Impact of public-private partnerships on private school performance : evidence from a randomized controlled trial in UgandaPolicy Research Working PaperBarrera-Osorio,Felipe; De Galbert,Pierre Gaspard; Habyarimana,James Paul; Sabarwal,Shwetlena2016/12
7904Matchmaking in Nairobi : the role of land usePolicy Research Working PaperAvner,Paolo; Lall,Somik V.2016/12
7903Sovereign wealth funds and long-term investments in Sub-Saharan AfricaPolicy Research Working PaperDiallo,Boubacar; Tchana Tchana,Fulbert; Zeufack,Albert G.2016/12
7902Housing finance and inclusive growth in Africa : benchmarking, determinants, and effectsPolicy Research Working PaperNguena,Christian Lambert; Tchana Tchana,Fulbert; Zeufack,Albert G.2016/12
7901When the money runs out : do cash transfers have sustained effects on human capital accumulation ?Policy Research Working PaperBaird,Sarah Jane; Mcintosh,Craig; Ozler,Berk2016/12
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