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7662Property rights for fishing cooperatives : how (and how well) do they work ?Policy Research Working PaperAburto-Oropeza,Octavio; Leslie,Heather M.; Mack-Crane,Austen; Nagavarapu,Sriniketh Suryasesha; Reddy,Sheila M.W.; Sievanen,Leila2016/05
7661Non-tariff measures and the world trading systemPolicy Research Working PaperEderington,Josh; Ruta,Michele2016/05
7660Poverty and shared prosperity implications of deep integration in Eastern and Southern AfricaPolicy Research Working PaperBalistreri,Edward Jay; Maliszewska,Maryla; Osorio-Rodarte,Israel; Tarr,David; Yonezawa,Hidemichi2016/05
7659How does the sensitivity of consumption to income vary over time? international evidencePolicy Research Working PaperIslamaj,Ergys; Kose,Ayhan2016/04
7658Particulate matter and labor supply : the role of caregiving and non-linearitiesPolicy Research Working PaperAragon,Fernando M.; Miranda Montero,Juan Jose; Oliva,Paulina2016/04
7657Does e-government improve government capacity ? evidence from tax administration and public procurementPolicy Research Working PaperKochanova,Anna; Hasnain,Zahid; Larson,Bradley Robert2016/04
7655Jobs in the city : explaining urban spatial structure in KampalaPolicy Research Working PaperGrover,Arti; Lall,Somik V.2016/04
7654Effects of fiscal policy shocks in an open economy : evidence from CanadaPolicy Research Working PaperTsoungui Belinga,Vincent De Paul2016/04
7653Markets and manipulation : time for a paradigm shift ?Policy Research Working PaperBasu,Kaushik2016/04
7656The role of training programs for youth employment in Nepal : impact evaluation report on the employment fundPolicy Research Working PaperChakravarty,Shubha; Lundberg,Mattias K. A.; Danchev,Plamen Nikolov; Zenker,Juliane2016/04
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