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7834Training teachers on the job : what works and how to measure itPolicy Research Working PaperPopova,Anna; Evans,David; Arancibia,Violeta2016/09
7833Gender gaps in cognitive and non-cognitive skills in early primary grades : evidence from rural IndonesiaPolicy Research Working PaperNakajima,Nozomi; Jung,Haeil; Pradhan,Menno Prasad; Hasan,Amer; Kinnell,Angela; Brinkman,Sally Ann2016/09
7832Investing in school readiness : an analysis of the cost-effectiveness of early childhood education pathways in rural IndonesiaPolicy Research Working PaperNakajima,Nozomi; Hasan,Amer; Jung,Haeil; Brinkman,Sally Ann; Pradhan,Menno Prasad; Kinnell,Angela2016/09
7831Nonrenewable resources, income inequality and per capita GDP : an empirical analysisPolicy Research Working PaperScognamillo,Antonio; Mele,Gianluca; Sensini,Luca2016/09
7830Trends and drivers of poverty reduction in Nepal : a historical perspectivePolicy Research Working PaperUematsu,Hiroki; Shidiq,Akhmad Rizal; Tiwari,Sailesh2016/09
7829Can the culture of honor lead to inefficient conventions ? experimental evidence from IndiaPolicy Research Working PaperBrooks,Benjamin A.; Hoff,Karla; Pandey,Priyanka2016/09
7828Faraway or nearby ? domestic and international spillovers in patenting and product innovationPolicy Research Working PaperBravo-Ortega,Claudio; Cusolito,Ana Paula; Lederman,Daniel2016/09
7827Russian Federation : how services contribute to competitivenessPolicy Research Working PaperSaez,Juan Sebastian; Van Der Marel,Erik Leendert2016/09
7826Minimizing ecological damage from road improvement in tropical forestsPolicy Research Working PaperDasgupta,Susmita; Wheeler,David R.2016/09
7825Does improved local supply of schooling enhance intergenerational mobility in education ? evidence from JordanPolicy Research Working PaperAssaad,Ragui A.; Saleh,Mohamed Farid Mohamed2016/09
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