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6984Budget rules and resource booms : a dynamic stochastic general equilibrium analysisPolicy Research Working PaperDevarajan, Shantayanan; Dissou, Yazid; Go, Delfin S.; Robinson, Sherman2014/07
6971Can service be a growth escalator in low-income countries ?Policy Research Working PaperGhani, Ejaz; O'Connell, Stephen D.2014/07
6988Can tax simplification help lower tax corruption ?Policy Research Working PaperAwasthi, Rajul; Bayraktar, Nihal2014/07
6989Capital will not become more expensive as the world agesPolicy Research Working PaperBussolo, Maurizio; Lim, Jamus Jerome; Maliszewska, Maryla; Timmer, Hans2014/07
6992Damming the commons : an empirical analysis of international cooperation and conflict in dam locationPolicy Research Working PaperOlmstead, Sheila M.; Sigman, Hilary2014/07
6981Demystifying Dutch diseasePolicy Research Working PaperKojo, Naoko C.2014/07
6962Estimation of normal mixtures in a nested error model with an application to small area estimation of poverty and inequalityPolicy Research Working PaperElbers, Chris; van der Weide, Roy2014/07
6968Evidence of development impact from institutional change : a review of the evidence on open budgetingPolicy Research Working PaperLing, Cristina; Roberts, Dawn2014/07
6978Evolving wage cyclicality in Latin AmericaPolicy Research Working PaperMessina, Julian; Gambetti, Luca2014/07
6993Fiscal multipliers in recessions and expansions : does it matter whether government spending is increasing or decreasing ?Policy Research Working PaperRiera-Crichton, Daniel; Vegh, Carlos A.; Vuletin, Guillermo2014/07
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