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7248Monitoring financial stability in developing and emerging economies : practical guidance for conducting macroprudential analysisPolicy Research Working PaperDijkman,Miquel2015/04
7247Are we confusing poverty with preferences ?Policy Research Working Papervan den Boom,Bart; Halsema,Alex; Molini,Vasco2015/04
7250The local socioeconomic effects of gold mining : evidence from GhanaPolicy Research Working PaperChuhan-Pole,Punam; Dabalen,Andrew L.; Kotsadam,Andreas; Sanoh,Aly; Tolonen,Anja Karolina2015/04
7249Social and economic impacts of rural road improvements in the state of Tocantins, BrazilPolicy Research Working PaperIimi,Atsushi; Lancelot,Eric R.; Manelici,Isabela; Ogita,Satoshi2015/04
7246Investing in technical & vocational education and training : does it yield large economic returns in Brazil ?Policy Research Working PaperAlmeida,Rita Kullberg; Anazawa,Leandro; Menezes Filho,Naercio; Vasconcellos,Ligia Maria De2015/04
7243Program evaluation and spillover effectsPolicy Research Working PaperAngelucci,M.; Di Maro,Vincenzo2015/04
7244Household responses to shocks in rural Ethiopia : livestock as a buffer stockPolicy Research Working PaperAli,Daniel Ayalew2015/04
7245Good countries or good projects ? comparing macro and micro correlates of World Bank and Asian Development Bank project performancePolicy Research Working PaperBulman,David Janoff; Kolkma,Walter; Kraay,Aart C.2015/04
7241Are women less productive farmers ? how markets and risk affect fertilizer use, productivity, and measured gender effects in UgandaPolicy Research Working PaperLarson,Donald F.; Savastano,Sara; Murray,Siobhan; Palacios-Lopez,Amparo2015/04
7242Trade agreements and enforcement : evidence from WTO dispute settlementPolicy Research Working PaperBown,Chad P.; Reynolds,Kara Marie2015/04
Display Result in sets of: 102050

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