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Finance and Private Sector Research

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A well-functioning financial system and a vigorous private sector are important drivers of growth and poverty reduction. Finance is central to private sector development and vice versa, and large parts of both sub-disciplines revolve around the behavior and performance of firms. Information about our research on finance and private sector development can be found under Subtopics below. More »


Research Digest

Improving the Impact of Financial Education Addressing behavioral constraints through goal setting and personalized counseling can improve the effectiveness of financial education
Fenella Carpena, Shawn Cole, Jeremy Shapiro, and Bilal Zia

Spring 2016

Working Papers

Financial Information in Colombia
Xavier Giné, Nídia García, and José Gómez-González
Policy Research Working Paper 7998, March 2017

Growing Markets through Business Training for Female Entrepreneurs: A Market-Level Randomized Experiment in Kenya
David McKenzie and Susana Puerto
Policy Research Working Paper 7993, March 2017

Agent Banking in a Highly Under-Developed Financial Sector: Evidence from the Democratic Republic of Congo
Robert Cull, Xavier Gine, Sven Harten, and Anca Bogdana Rusu
Policy Research Working Paper 7984, February 2017

Foreign Banks and International Transmission of Monetary Policy: Evidence from the Syndicated Loan Marke
Asli Demirgüç-Kunt, Bálint L. Horváth, and Harry Huizinga
Policy Research Working Paper 7937, January 2017

Can Grants to Consortia Spur Innovation and Science-Industry Collaboration? Regression-Discontinuity Evidence from Poland
Miriam Bruhn and David McKenzie
Policy Research Working Paper 7934, January 2017

Labor Drops: Experimental Evidence on the Return to Additional Labor in Microenterprises
Suresh de Mel, David McKenzie, and Christopher Woodruff
Policy Research Working Paper 7924, December 2016

Can Enhancing the Benefits of Formalization Induce Informal Firms to Become Formal? Experimental Evidence from Benin
Najy Benhassine, David McKenzie, Victor Pouliquen, and Massimiliano Santini
Policy Research Working Paper 7900, November 2016

Social Capital, Finance, and Consumption: Evidence from a Representative Sample of Chinese Households
Robert Cull, Li Gan, Nan Gao, and Lixin Colin Xu
Policy Research Working Paper 7873, October 2016

Are Labor Supply Decisions Consistent with Neoclassical Preferences? Evidence from Indian Boat Owners
Xavier Giné, Monica Martinez-Bravo, and Marian Vidal-Fernández
Policy Research Working Paper 7820, September 2016

Savings Defaults and Payment Delays for Cash Transfers: Field Experimental Evidence from Malawi
Lasse Brune, Xavier Giné, Jessica Goldberg, and Dean Yang
Policy Research Working Paper 7807, August 2016

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Targeting which informal firms might formalize and bringing them into the tax system by David McKenzie (Development Impact blog, February 6, 2017)

The transmission of real estate shocks through multinational banks by Ata Can Bertay (All about Finance blog, January 24, 2017)

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