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Research at the World Bank

Researchers at the Bank

  • Mike Toman, Lead Economist
  • Mike Toman is Lead Economist on Climate Change and Manager of the Energy and Environment Team in the research department. His research interests include alternative energy resources, policies to reduce risks of climate change catastrophes, investments for greenhouse gas reduction, and mechanisms for mitigating greenhouse gas emissions through reduced deforestation.
  • Meet the Management Team
  • The Development Research Group is managed by the Research Director and nine Research Managers.

New Policy Research Working Papers

7011Short- and long-run impacts of food price changes on poverty2014/08
7010Small business tax policy, informality, and tax evasion -- evidence from Georgia2014/08
7009The effect of climate and technological uncertainty in crop yields on the optimal path of global land use2014/08
7008Does local financial development matter for firm lifecycle in India ?2014/08
7007Grain price spikes and beggar-thy-neighbor policy responses : a global economywide analysis2014/08


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