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Research at the World Bank

Researchers at the Bank

  • Adam Wagstaff is Research Manager of the Human Development and Public Services team in the Development Research Group. His recent work has been on health insurance, health financing, vulnerability and health shocks, and provider payment reform. He has experience in China and Vietnam and has worked on countries in Africa, Latin America, South Asia, and Europe and Central Asia.
  • Meet the Management Team
  • The Development Research Group is managed by the Research Director and nine Research Managers.

New Policy Research Working Papers

7124Place and child health : the interaction of population density and sanitation in developing countries2014/11
7123Developing social-emotional skills for the labor market : the PRACTICE model2014/11
7122Structural reforms and labor market outcomes : international panel data evidence2014/11
7121What doesn't kill you makes you poorer : adult wages and the early-life disease environment in India2014/11
7120Health information, treatment, and worker productivity : experimental evidence from malaria testing and treatment among Nigerian sugarcane cutters2014/11


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