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Research at the World Bank
policy research talk

The Social Observatory: A Living Lab for Developing a Science of Delivery

January 2016: In this policy research talk, Vijayendra Rao, a Lead Economist in the Research Department, explained how the Social Observatory sprang out of the findings of a landmark World Bank research report on participatory development.


A Measured Approach to Ending Poverty and Boosting Shared Prosperity

October 2014: This report argues that data and measurement are pivotal to the assessment of the Bank Group’s twin goals of ending poverty and boosting shared prosperity.

Global Financial Development Report 2015|2016: Long-Term Finance

September 2015: A shortage of long-term finance since the 2008 global crisis has been choking the growth of firms in developing countries and hampering the ability of credit-worthy families to borrow.

January Research Highlights

A robust financial infrastructure helped buoy firms during the global financial crisis | Revisiting recent empirical evidence on the effects of inequality on growth | How bilateral donors benefit from non-specialized multilateral aid agencies | Construction boom drives wage growth for India’s unskilled rural workers and more...

Winners of the 2015 Research Academy

January 2016: The annual competition selects the best new research from across the World Bank Group. Read the three winning papers: Organizing Knowledge to Compete | Demand for Energy-Using Assets | Testing the Importance of Search Frictions and Matching.

Researchers at the Bank

The Management Team

  • The Development Research Group is managed by the Research Director and seven Research Managers.

Last updated: 2016-02-03

New Policy Research Working Papers

7563Does child sponsorship pay off in adulthood ? an international study of impacts on income and wealth2016/02
7562Sifting through the Data : labor markets in Haiti through a turbulent decade (2001-2012)2016/02
7561School dropout in Central America : an overview of trends, causes, consequences, and promising interventions2016/02
7560An exploration of the relationship between police presence, crime, and business in developing countries2016/02
7559Financial channels, property rights, and poverty : a Sub-Saharan African perspective2016/02


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