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Deposit Insurance around the World: A Comprehensive Database
Policies and Institutions that Promote Saving: module 1 (National saving)

World Bank working papers and publications

1 .Urban transport infrastructure and household welfare : evidence from Colombia
2 .Migrants, towns, poverty and jobs : insights from Tanzania
3 .Do management interventions last ? evidence from India
4 .Love the job... or the patient ? task vs. mission-based motivations in health care
5 .Unlocking India's logistics potential : the value of disaggregated macroscopic freight flow analysis
6 .Structural change in west Africa : a tale of gain and loss
7 .The price elasticity of African elephant poaching
8 .Human capital outflows : selection into migration from the Northern Triangle
9 .Cash transfers increase trust in local government
10 .Effect of climate policies on labor markets in developing countries : review of the evidence and directions for future research
11 .Prioritizing water supply infrastructure investments in Sri Lanka : an application of the world bank infrastructure prioritization framework
12 .Redistribution and group participation : experimental evidence from Africa and the UK
13 .South Caucasus in motion: economic and social mobility in Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Georgia
14 .Informal sector heterogeneity and income inequality : evidence from the Democratic Republic of Congo
15 .Tobacco price elasticity and tax progressivity in Moldova
16 .Digital technology adoption and jobs : a model of firm heterogeneity
17 .Investment in ICT, productivity, and labor demand : the case of Argentina
18 .Why are more sovereigns issuing in Euros? Choosing between USD and EUR-denominated bonds
19 .Relationship between energy intensity and economic growth : new evidence from a multi-country multi-sector data set
20 .The impact of the Syrian refugee crisis on firm entry and performance in Turkey
21 .Using satellite imagery to assess impacts of soil and water conservation measures : evidence from Ethiopia's Tana-Beles Watershed
22 .Optimizing finance for development
23 .Regional carbon pricing for international maritime transport : challenges and opportunities for global geographical coverage
24 .Broadband internet, labor demand, and total factor productivity in Colombia
25 .The making of behavioral development economics
26 .Cyclonic storm landfalls in Bangladesh, west Bengal and Odisha, 1877-2016 : a spatiotemporal analysis
27 .Financial sector strategies and financial sector outcomes : do the strategies perform?
28 .Global data set on education quality (1965-2015)
29 .The impact of social mobilization on health service delivery and health outcomes : evidence from rural Pakistan
30 .Lessons from reforming financial management information systems : a review of the evidence
31 .The changing way governments talk about poverty and inequality : evidence from two centuries of Latin American presidential speeches
32 .Winners never quit, quitters never grow : using text mining to measure policy volatility and its link with long-term growth in Latin America
33 .A primer on human capital
34 .Structural reforms and firms' productivity : evidence from developing countries
35 .Female migration in Lesotho : determinants and opportunities
36 .Marital shocks and women's welfare in Africa
37 .Impact of phone reminders on survey response rates : evidence from a web-based survey in an international organization
38 .Simulating pension income scenarios with penCalc : an illustration for India's national pension system
39 .What explains the gender gap reversal in education ? the role of the tail hypothesis
40 .Transport corridors and their wider economic benefits : a critical review of the literature
41 .Insecurity and industrial organization : evidence from Afghanistan
42 .Cross-border spillover effects of the g20 financial regulatory reforms : results from a pilot survey
43 .Global economic prospects : broad-based upturn, but for how long?
44 .Can we measure the power of the grabbing hand? : a comparative analysis of different indicators of corruption
45 .ICT adoption and wage inequality : evidence from Mexican firms
46 .Bank ownership : trends and implications
47 .Using gross trade data to map archetypal GVCs
48 .Can mothers afford to work in Poland : labor supply incentives of social benefits and childcare costs
49 .Micro-level analysis of Mexican retail markets and their response to changes in market structure and competition policies
50 .An evaluative look behind the curtain : World Bank Group staff's early experience with the shared prosperity goal
51 .How effective are early grade reading interventions ? a review of the evidence
52 .Selection, firm turnover, and productivity growth : do emerging cities speed up the process?
53 .Wage inequality in Latin America : understanding the past to prepare for the future
54 .Preschool and child development under extreme poverty : evidence from a randomized experiment in rural Mozambique
55 .How (not) to fix problems that matter : assessing and responding to Malawi's history of institutional reform
56 .State ownership of financial institutions in Europe and Central Asia
57 .Cost recovery and financial viability of the power sector in developing countries : a literature review
58 .Are international banks different? evidence on bank performance and strategy
59 .Public infrastructure and structural transformation
60 .Poverty from space : using high-resolution satellite imagery for estimating economic well-being
61 .Increasing the sustainability of rural water service: findings from the impact evaluation baseline survey in Nicaragua
62 .Business environment and firm performance in European lagging regions
63 .Quasi-fiscal deficits in the electricity sector of the Middle East and North Africa : sources and size
64 .The profits of wisdom : the impacts of a business support program in Tanzania
65 .Mobile infrastructure and rural business enterprises : evidence from sim registration mandate in Niger
66 .The global costs of protectionism
67 .Are psychometric tools a viable screening method for small and medium-size enterprise lending ? evidence from Peru
68 .The impact of hurricane strikes on short-term local economic activity : evidence from nightlight images in the Dominican Republic
69 .How do multinationals report their economic, social, and environmental impacts? evidence from global reporting initiative data
70 .Building macro SAMs from cross-country databases : method and matrices for 133 countries
71 .A GEM for streamlined dynamic CGE analysis : structure, interface, data, and macro application
72 .Man vs. machine in predicting successful entrepreneurs : evidence from a business plan competition in Nigeria
73 .Mission and the bottom line : performance incentives in a multi-goal organization
74 .Appraisal econometrics for proposed transport corridors : optimal placement, intervention design, and wider economic benefits
75 .Capital and labor : the factor income composition of top incomes in the United States, 1962-2006
76 .The whys of social exclusion : insights from behavioral economics
77 .The value of reference letters
78 .Building a competitive city through innovation and global knowledge : the case of Sino-Singapore Suzhou industrial park
79 .Democratic Republic of Congo urbanization review : productive and inclusive cities for an emerging Congo
80 .Change management that works : making impacts in challenging environments
81 .Double for nothing ? experimental evidence on an unconditional teacher salary increase in Indonesia
82 .Association of World Bank policy lending with social development policies and institutions
83 .The internet and Chinese exports in the pre-Alibaba era
84 .Teaching with the test : experimental evidence on diagnostic feedback and capacity building for public schools in Argentina
85 .Macroeconomic implications of financial imperfections : a survey
86 .Asset prices and macroeconomic outcomes : a survey
87 .A regime-based effect of fiscal policy : evidence from an emerging economy
88 .Economic growth, convergence, and world food demand and supply
89 .Insuring well-being ? buyer's remorse and peace of mind effects from insurance
90 .The little data book 2016
91 .The impacts of safety nets in Africa : what are we learning ?
92 .The effect of height on earnings : is stature just a proxy for cognitive and non-cognitive skills ?
93 .Moving teachers to Malawi's remote communities : a data-driven approach to teacher deployment
94 .Microfinance and economic development
95 .Mangroves as protection from storm surges in Bangladesh
96 .Gender and property rights in Sub-Saharan Africa : a review of constraints and effective interventions
97 .Glass barriers : constraints to women's small-scale cross-border trade in Cambodia and Lao PDR
98 .Polarization, foreign military intervention, and civil conflict
99 .Putting your money where your mouth is : geographic targeting of World Bank projects to the bottom 40 percent
100 .The impact of fiscal policy on inequality and poverty in Zambia


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