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Deposit Insurance around the World: A Comprehensive Database
Policies and Institutions that Promote Saving: module 1 (National saving)

World Bank working papers and publications

1 .An employment guarantee as risk insurance ? assessing the effects of the NREGS on agricultural production decisions
2 .Can parental migration reduce petty corruption in education ?
3 .Improving the resilience of Peru's road network to climate events
4 .Leaving, staying, or coming back ? migration decisions during the northern Mali conflict
5 .How effective are active labor market policies in developing countries ? a critical review of recent evidence
6 .Brexit : trade governance and legal implications for third countries
7 .All these worlds are yours, except India : the effectiveness of export subsidies in Nepal
8 .Challenges in assessing the costs of household cooking energy in lower-income countries
9 .Economic upgrading through global value chain participation : which policies increase the value added gains ?
10 .Assessing the role of international organizations in the development of the social enterprise sector
11 .Trade policy and redistribution when preferences are non-homothetic
12 .The motherhood penalty and female employment in urban India
13 .Is there enough redistribution ?
14 .Do foreign investors underperform ? An empirical decomposition into style and flows
15 .Are poor individuals mainly found in poor households ? evidence using nutrition data for Africa
16 .Measuring skills in developing countries
17 .Effects of public policy on child labor : current knowledge, gaps, and implications for program design
18 .Financial information in Colombia
19 .Municipal asset management in China's small cities and towns
20 .Who should be at the top of bottom-up development ? a case study of the national rural livelihoods mission in Rajasthan, India
21 .Deliberative democracy in India
22 .For India's rural poor, growing towns matter more than growing cities
23 .Growing markets through business training for female entrepreneurs : a market-level randomized experiment in Kenya
24 .Antidiscrimination law and shared prosperity : an analysis of the legal framework of six economies and their impact on the equality of opportunities of ethnic, religious, and sexual minorities
25 .Regional dimensions of recent weakness in investment : drivers, investment needs and policy responses
26 .Weakness in investment growth : causes, implications and policy responses
27 .Design of a multi-stage stratified sample for poverty and welfare monitoring with multiple objectives : a Bangladesh case study
28 .Are tobacco taxes really regressive ? evidence from Chile
29 .Rising incomes and inequality of access to infrastructure among Latin American households
30 .Seasonality of rural finance
31 .Stocktaking of global forced displacement data
32 .Agent banking in a highly under-developed financial sector : evidence from the Democratic Republic of Congo
33 .Special study on benchmarking the quality of project economic analysis for the South Asia Region
34 .The direct and indirect costs of tax treaty policy : evidence from Ukraine
35 .Horizontal depth : a new database on the content of preferential trade agreements
36 .Strategic investment funds : opportunities and challenges
37 .Agriculture in Africa -- telling myths from facts : a synthesis
38 .Public mosquito abatement : a cluster randomized experiment
39 .Does vertical specialization increase productivity ?
40 .A firm of one's own : experimental evidence on credit constraints and occupational choice
41 .How is the internet changing labor market arrangements ? evidence from telecommunications reforms in Europe
42 .Growth (but not only) is good for the poor : some cross-country evidence to promote growth and shared prosperity in Haiti
43 .Assessing the accuracy of electricity demand forecasts in developing countries
44 .Dynamics of child development : analysis of a longitudinal cohort in a very low income country
45 .Are capital flows fickle? Increasingly ? and does the answer still depend on type?
46 .Government guarantees, transparency, and bank risk-taking
47 .Recovery from conflict : lessons of success
48 .Estimating poverty using cell phone data : evidence from Guatemala
49 .Distribution of consumption expenditure in East Asia
50 .Foreign banks and trade: bridging the information gap ?
51 .Toward labor market policy 2.0 : the potential for using online job-portal big data to inform labor market policies in India
52 .Push and pull : a study of international migration from Nepal
53 .Services in the trans-pacific partnership : what would be lost?
54 .The impact of mass bed net distribution programs on politics : evidence from Tanzania
55 .The global role of the U.S. economy: linkages, policies and spillovers
56 .Evaluation of an adolescent development program for girls in Tanzania
57 .The impact of mining on spatial inequality recent evidence from Africa
58 .Personality traits, technology adoption, and technical efficiency : evidence from smallholder rice farms in Ghana
59 .The changing structure of Africa's economies
60 .Impact of oil price fluctuations on financial markets since 2014
61 .What do teachers know and do ? does it matter ? evidence from primary schools in Africa
62 .Social learning about environmental innovations : experimental analysis of adoption timing
63 .Can solar lanterns improve youth academic performance ? experimental evidence from Bangladesh
64 .Firms' export decisions : demand trumps financial shocks
65 .Long-term growth scenarios for Bangladesh
66 .Costing household surveys for monitoring progress toward ending extreme poverty and boosting shared prosperity
67 .Death scares : how potential work-migrants infer mortality rates from migrant deaths
68 .Get rich or die tryin' : perceived earnings, perceived mortality rate and the value of a statistical life of potential work-migrants from Nepal
69 .Breaking into tradables : urban form and urban function in a developing city
70 .Taxing the good ? distortions, misallocation, and productivity in Sub-Saharan Africa
71 .How is the slowdown affecting households in Latin America and the Caribbean ?
72 .Deep integration and UK-EU trade relations
73 .Pedagogy versus school readiness : the impact of a randomized reading instruction intervention and community-based playgroup intervention on early grade reading outcomes in Tonga
74 .Gender-differentiated impacts of tenure insecurity on agricultural performance in Malawi's customary tenure systems
75 .Can media interventions reduce gender gaps in political participation after civil war ? evidence from a field experiment in rural Liberia
76 .Reforming village-level governance via horizontal pressure : evidence from an experiment in Zimbabwe
77 .Conditionality as targeting? : participation and distributional effects of conditional cash transfers
78 .The little data book on information and communication technology 2017
79 .The impact of fiscal policy on inequality and poverty in Chile
80 .On the structural transformation of rural Africa
81 .Global economic prospects : weak investment in uncertain times
82 .Foreign banks and international transmission of monetary policy : evidence from the syndicated loan market
83 .Can tax incentives for electronic payments reduce the shadow economy? : Korea's attempt to reduce underreporting in retail businesses
84 .With a little help : shocks, agricultural income, and welfare in Uganda
85 .Can grants to consortia spur innovation and science-industry collaboration? : regression-discontinuity evidence from Poland
86 .Estimation and inference for actual and counterfactual growth incidence curves
87 .Skills for a modern Ukraine
88 .Clientelism in the public sector : why public service reforms may not succeed and what to do about it
89 .Water from the heights, water from the grassroots : the governance of common dynamics and public services in La Paz-El Alto
90 .World development report 2017 : Guatemala?s international commission against impunity - a case study on institutions and rule of law
91 .Contestability and changes in tolerance towards corruption : the formation of an elite-citizen coalition in Mexico
92 .World development report 2017 : gender based violence and the law
93 .Exchange rate flexibility and the effect of remittances on economic growth
94 .The role of information and cash transfers on early childhood development : evidence from Nepal
95 .Globalization and the gender earnings gap : evidence from Sri Lanka and Cambodia
96 .Caste system
97 .Emerging economies' versus advanced countries' investment impact in Africa
98 .Job quality and poverty in Latin America
99 .Pass-through of competitors' exchange rates to us import and producer prices
100 .The public/private wage differential in the land of gross national happiness


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