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World Bank Research Dataset

Deposit Insurance around the World: A Comprehensive Database
Policies and Institutions that Promote Saving: module 1 (National saving)

World Bank working papers and publications

1 .Sifting through the Data : labor markets in Haiti through a turbulent decade (2001-2012)
2 .School dropout in Central America : an overview of trends, causes, consequences, and promising interventions
3 .An exploration of the relationship between police presence, crime, and business in developing countries
4 .Financial channels, property rights, and poverty : a Sub-Saharan African perspective
5 .Idle youth in Mexico : trapped between the war on drugs and economic crisis
6 .The distribution of consumption expenditure in Sub-Saharan Africa : the inequality among all Africans
7 .How much teachers know and how much it matters in class : analyzing three rounds of subject-specific test score data of Indonesian students and teachers
8 .Greying the budget : ageing and preferences over public policies
9 .Why are the elderly more averse to immigration when they are more likely to benefit ? evidence across countries
10 .The welfare cost of inflation and the regulations of money substitutes
11 .Do resource-rich countries suffer from a lack of fiscal discipline ?
12 .Managing food price volatility in a large open country : the case of wheat in India
13 .Cognitive and non-cognitive skills for the Peruvian labor market : addressing measurement error through latent skills estimations
14 .Lifting economic sanctions on Iran : global effects and strategic responses
15 .What are the impacts of Syrian refugees on host community welfare in Turkey ? a subnational poverty analysis
16 .How equitable is access to finance in turkey ? evidence from the latest global FINDEX
17 .Out of school and out of work: a diagnostic of ninis in Latin America
18 .A detailed anatomy of factor misallocation in India
19 .When and where do we see regional poverty reduction and convergence ? lessons from the roof of Turkey
20 .Declining wages for college-educated workers in Mexico : are younger or older cohorts hurt the most ?
21 .Business cycles in the eastern Caribbean economies: the role of fiscal policy and interest rates
22 .Before and after the global financial crisis : evaluating the Caribbean's synchronization with global engines of growth
23 .The great recession and job loss spillovers : impact of tradable employment shocks on supporting services
24 .Price seasonality in Africa : measurement and extent
25 .Contingent liabilities risk management : a credit risk analysis framework for sovereign guarantees and on-lending?country experiences from Colombia, Indonesia, Sweden, and Turkey
26 .Striving for balance in economics : towards a theory of the social determination of behavior
27 .Global supply chains and trade policy
28 .How does long-term finance affect economic volatility ?
29 .Following Mexican youth : a short-run study of time use decisions
30 .Financial access and household welfare : evidence from Mauritania
31 .Supporting export competitiveness through port and rail network reforms : a case study of South Africa
32 .Fossil fuel subsidy and pricing policies : recent developing country experience
33 .Earnings premiums and penalties for self-employment and informal employees around the world
34 .The role of preschool quality in promoting child development : evidence from rural Indonesia
35 .The World Bank's classification of countries by income
36 .World development report 2016 : digital dividends - sharing is caring? : not quite some observations about the sharing economy
37 .World development report 2016 : digital dividends - one step forward, two steps backward? : does e-government make governments in developing countries more transparent and accountable?
38 .World development report 2016 : digital dividends - network neutrality and private sector investment
39 .World development report 2016 : digital dividends - best practices and lessons learned in ICT sector innovation : a case study of Israel
40 .Global economic prospects : spillovers amid weak growth
41 .World development report 2016 : digital dividends - how tech hubs are helping to drive economic growth in Africa
42 .World development report 2016 : digital dividends - exploring the relationship between broadband and economic growth
43 .World development report 2016 : digital dividends - enabling digital entrepreneurs
44 .World development report 2016 : digital dividends - do digital technologies facilitate illicit financial flows?
45 .World development report 2016 : digital dividends - one network area in East Africa
46 .When does ICT-enabled citizen voice lead to government responsiveness? Digital dividends : background paper
47 .World Development Report 2016 : digital dividends walking the walk - background paper
48 .The new cybersecurity agenda : economic and social challenges to a secure internet
49 .Rwanda?s new companies : an overview of registrations, taxes, employment and exports
50 .Tenure security premium in informal housing markets : a spatial hedonic analysis
51 .Do land market restrictions hinder structural change in a rural economy ? evidence from Sri Lanka
52 .Land market restrictions, women's labor force participation, and wages in a rural economy
53 .Debt sustainability in Sub-Saharan Africa : unraveling country-specific risks
54 .The impact of the global financial crisis on firms' capital structure
55 .Development economics as taught in developing countries
56 .Why so gloomy ? perceptions of economic mobility in Europe and Central Asia
57 .Seasonality in local food markets and consumption : evidence from Tanzania
58 .Understanding the trends in learning outcomes in Argentina, 2000 to 2012
59 .Forced displacement and refugees in Sub-Saharan Africa : an economic inquiry
60 .Can a small social pension promote labor force participation ? evidence from the Colombia Mayor program
61 .The poverty effects of market concentration
62 .Unpacking the MPI : a decomposition approach of changes in multidimensional poverty headcounts
63 .Toward a more business friendly tax regime : key challenges in South Asia
64 .International debt statistics 2016
65 .The strength of American federal democracy : lessons for global development
66 .Blending top-down federalism with bottom-up engagement to reduce inequality in Ethiopia
67 .Finding a path to formalization in Benin :early results after the introduction of the entreprenant legal status
68 .Hub-periphery development pattern and inclusive growth : case study of Guangdong province
69 .Maternal and child health inequalities in Ethiopia
70 .The effects of volatility, fiscal policy cyclicality and financial development on growth : evidence for the Eastern Caribbean
71 .Psychometrics as a tool to improve screening and access to credit
72 .Direct and indirect effects of Malawi?s public works program on food security
73 .Structural transformation and productivity growth in Africa : Uganda in the 2000s
74 .Breaking the metal ceiling : female entrepreneurs who succeed in male-dominated sectors
75 .What?s left for the WTO ?
76 .From demographic dividend to demographic burden ? regional trends of population aging in Russia
77 .Tobacco and alcohol excise taxes for improving public health and revenue outcomes : marrying sin and virtue ?
78 .Regional productivity convergence in Peru
79 .Regionalism in services : a study of ASEAN
80 .Women?s police stations and domestic violence : evidence from Brazil
81 .The little data book on information and communication technology 2015
82 .Nighttime lights revisited : the use of nighttime lights data as a proxy for economic variables
83 .The long-term impacts of international migration : evidence from a lottery
84 .Discrimination as a coordination device : markets and the emergence of identity
85 .Weak instruments in growth regressions : implications for recent cross-country evidence on inequality and growth
86 .SMEs, age, and jobs : a review of the literature, metrics, and evidence
87 .The role of imports for exporter performance in Peru
88 .Domestic value added in exports: theory and firm evidence from China
89 .Appraising cross-national income inequality databases : an introduction
90 .Unhappy development : dissatisfaction with life on the eve of the Arab spring
91 .On the welfare implications of automation
92 .Urbanization and property rights
93 .When do in-service teacher training and books improve student achievement ? experimental evidence from Mongolia
94 .Mobility, scarring and job quality in Indonesia?s labor market
95 .The impacts of climate change on poverty in 2030 and the potential from rapid, inclusive, and climate-informed development
96 .Social protection and disaster risk management in the Philippines : the case of typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan)
97 .Can intense exposure to hand-washing and hygiene information campaigns affect children's socio-emotional skills ? evidence from Senegal
98 .The exposure, vulnerability, and ability to respond of poor households to recurrent floods in Mumbai
99 .Disaster risk, climate change, and poverty : assessing the global exposure of poor people to floods and droughts
100 .Households and heat stress: estimating the distributional consequences of climate change


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