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Deposit Insurance around the World: A Comprehensive Database
Policies and Institutions that Promote Saving: module 1 (National saving)

World Bank working papers and publications

1 .Women left behind ? poverty and headship in Africa
2 .Is workfare cost-effective against poverty in a poor labor-surplus economy?
3 .Testing information constraints on India's largest antipoverty program
4 .Long-term impacts of household electrification in rural India
5 .Does India's employment guarantee scheme guarantee employment ?
6 .Effets persistants du veuvage sur le bien-�tre dans un pays pauvre
7 .Lasting welfare effects of widowhood in a poor country
8 .Is it what you inherited or what you learnt ? Intergenerational linkage and interpersonal inequality in Senegal
9 .Access to water, women's work and child outcomes
10 .Left behind to farm ? women's labor re-allocation in rural China
11 .A micro-decomposition analysis of the macroeconomic determinants of human development
12 .Rural roads and poor area development in Vietnam
13 .Fungibility and the flypaper effect of project aid : micro-evidence for Vietnam
14 .Does rising landlessness signal success or failure for Vietnam's agrarian transition?
15 .Do donors get what they paid for? micro evidence on the fungibility of development project aid
16 .Do services and transfers reach Morocco's poor? Evidence from poverty and spending maps
17 .Is the emerging nonfarm market economy the route out of poverty in Vietnam?
18 .Land allocation in Vietnam's agrarian transition
19 .The static and dynamic incidence of Vietnam's public safety net
20 .Breaking up the collective farm : welfare outcomes of Vietnam's massive land privatization
21 .The World Bank economic review 15 (1)
22 .Choosing rural road investments to help reduce poverty
23 .Are returns to investment lower for the poor? Human and physical capital interactions in rural Viet Nam
24 .Sources of ethnic inequality in Vietnam
25 .Protecting the poor in Vietnam's emerging market economy
26 .The World Bank Research Observer 13 (2)
27 .How dirty are "quick and dirty" methods of project appraisal?
28 .Pay and grade differentials at the World Bank
29 .Assessing the welfare impacts of public spending
30 .Public spending and the poor : what we know, what we need to know
31 .The World Bank economic review 8(2)
32 .The distribution of the benefits from social services in Indonesia, 1978-87
33 .Quantifying the magnitude and severity of absolute poverty in the developing world in the mid-1980s
34 .Relatorio sobre o desenvolvimento mundial 1990 : a pobreza
35 .Rapport sur le developpement dans le monde 1990 : la pauvrete
36 .World development report 1990 : poverty
37 .World development report 1990 : poverty
38 .World development report 1990 : poverty
39 .World development report 1990 : poverty
40 .Cost of living differences between urban and rural areas in Indonesia

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