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World Bank Research Dataset

Deposit Insurance around the World: A Comprehensive Database
Policies and Institutions that Promote Saving: module 1 (National saving)

World Bank working papers and publications

1 .Who is coming from Vanuatu to New Zealand under the new recognized Seasonal employer program ?
2 .The challenge of reducing international trade and migration barriers
3 .China, India y la economia mundial
4 .Quantifying international migration : a database of bilateral migrant stocks
5 .Dancing with the giants: China, India, and the global economy
6 .Dancing with the giants: China, India, and the global economy
7 .Distributional effects of WTO agricultural reforms in rich and poor countries
8 .Poverty impacts of a WTO agreement : synthesis and overview
9 .Trade and employment : stylized facts and research findings
10 .Poverty and the WTO: impacts of the Doha development agenda
11 .The World Bank economic review 18 (1)
12 .More favorable and differential treatment of developing countries : toward a new approach in the World Trade Organization
13 .Regional integration and development
14 .Integration regionale et developpement
15 .Regional integration and development
16 .The World Bank economic review 17 (3)
17 .Regional integration and development
18 .Regional cooperation, and the role of international organizations and regional integration
19 .How regional blocs affect excluded countries - the price effects of MERCOSUR
20 .The World Bank economic review 12(2)
21 .Regional integration as diplomacy
22 .Transport costs and "natural" integration in Mercosur
23 .Regionalism versus multilateralism
24 .The World Bank research observer 7 (1)
25 .World development report 1986
26 .World development report 1986
27 .Informe sobre el desarrollo mundial 1986
28 .Rapport sur le developpement dans le monde 1986