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Lakner-Milanovic (2013) World Panel Income Distribution (LM-WPID)

World Bank working papers and publications

1 .CGE modeling of market access in services
2 .Reducing distortions in international commodity markets : an agenda for multilateral cooperation
3 .Unfinished Business? The WTO's Doha Agenda
4 .Determinants of trade policy responses to the 2008 financial crisis
5 .Proposals for WTO reform : a synthesis and assessment
6 .Services trade liberalization and regulatory reform : re-invigorating international cooperation
7 .Aid for trade : building on progress today for tomorrow's future
8 .Rebalancing the global economy : a primer for policymaking
9 .Conclude Doha : it matters !
10 .The Euro-mediterranean partnership : trade in services as an alternative to migration ?
11 .Changes in cross-border trade costs in the Pan-Arab free trade area, 2001-2008
12 .The fateful allure of protectionism : taking stock for the G8
13 .Trade preference erosion : measurement and policy response
14 .Trade policy, trade costs, and developing country trade
15 .Services trade and growth
16 .Developing countries and enforcement of trade agreements : why dispute settlement is not enough
17 .Regulatory cooperation, aid for trade and the general agreement on trade in services
18 .Canada-Wheat : discrimination, non-commercial considerations, and state trading enterprises
19 .European Community--Sugar : cross-subsidization and the World Trade Organization
20 .Liberalizing trade in services : a survey
21 .Services policies in transition economies : on the European Union and the World Trade Organization as commitment mechanisms
22 .Lobbying and agricultural trade policy in the United States
23 .The World Bank economic review 20 (2)
24 .Agricultural trade reform and the Doha development agenda
25 .Preference erosion and multilateral trade liberalization
26 .Economic policy responses to preference erosion : from trade as aid to aid for trade
27 .International cooperation and the reform of public procurement policies
28 .Services policy reform and economic growth in transition economies, 1990-2004
29 .Turkey: economic reform and accession to the European Union
30 .Trade preferences and differential treatment of developing countries : a selective survey
31 .Policies facilitating firm adjustment to globalization
32 .Transfer of technology to developing countries : unilateral and multilateral policy options
33 .Trading market access for competition policy enforcement
34 .Government procurement : Market access, transparency, and multilateral trade rules
35 .The World Bank economic review 18 (2)
36 .More favorable and differential treatment of developing countries : toward a new approach in the World Trade Organization
37 .Imports, entry, and competition law as market disciplines
38 .Reducing agrcultural tariffs versus domestic support : what's more important for developing countries?
39 .Economic development, competition policy, and the World Trade Organization
40 .Initial conditions and incentives for Arab economic integration : can the European Community's success be emulated?
41 .Economic Development and the World Trade Organization after Doha
42 .Development, trade and the WTO : a handbook
43 .Development, trade and the WTO : a handbook
44 .The World Bank research observer 17 (1)
45 .Strengthening the global trade architecture for development
46 .Developpement commerce et OMC
47 .The World Bank economic review 16 (1)
48 .Trade policy reform and poverty alleviation
49 .Markups, entry regulation, and trade - Does country size matter?
50 .Eliminating excessive tariffs on exports of least developed countries
51 .The World Bank economic review 14 (1)
52 .Competition policy, developing countries, and the World Trade Organization
53 .Multilateral disciplines for investment-related policies
54 .Deep integration, nondiscrimination, and Euro-Mediterranean free trade
55 .Developing country agriculture and the new trade agenda
56 .Foreign investment and productivity growth in Czech enterprises
57 .The World Bank Research Observer 13 (2)
58 .Free trade and deep integration : antidumping and antitrust in regional agreements
59 .Determinants of intra-industry trade between East and West Europe
60 .The World Bank economic review 11(3)
61 .Competition law in Bulgaria after central planning
62 .Protection and trade in services : a survey
63 .Competition policy and the global trading system : a developing country perspective
64 .Trade reorientation and productivity growth in Bulgarian enterprises
65 .Intra-industry trade, foreign direct investment, and the reorientation of Eastern European exports
66 .Egypt and the Uruguay Round
67 .Catching up with Eastern Europe? The European Union's Mediterranean free trade initiative
68 .The World Trade Organization, the European Union, and the Arab World : trade policy priorities and pitfalls
69 .Tentative first steps : an assessment of the Uruguay Round agreement on services
70 .Enterprise restructuring in Eastern Europe : how much? how fast? where? - preliminary evidence from trade data
71 .The World Trade Organization's agreement on government procurement : expanding disciplines, declining membership?
72 .Antitrust-based remedies and dumping in international trade
73 .Linking competition and trade policies in Central and Eastern European countries
74 .Competition, competition policy, and the GATT
75 .Developing countries and the Uruguay Round : negotiations on services

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