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1 .Impact of climate change and aquatic salinization on mangrove species and poor communities in the Bangladesh Sundarbans
2 .Mangroves as protection from storm surges in a changing climate
3 .Impact of climate change and aquatic salinization on fish habitats and poor communities in southwest coastal Bangladesh and Bangladesh Sundarbans
4 .Urban flooding of Greater Dhaka in a changing climate : building local resilience to disaster risk
5 .Drinking water salinity and infant mortality in coastal Bangladesh
6 .Climate change, groundwater salinization and road maintenance costs in coastal Bangladesh
7 .Climate change, soil salinity, and the economics of high-yield rice production in coastal Bangladesh
8 .Facing the hungry tide : climate change, livelihood threats, and household responses in coastal Bangladesh
9 .Protected areas and deforestation : new results from high resolution panel data
10 .River salinity and climate change : evidence from coastal Bangladesh
11 .Addressing household air pollution : a case study in rural Madagascar
12 .A resource allocation model for tiger habitat protection
13 .Sea-level rise and coastal wetlands : impacts and costs
14 .Vyaghranomics in space and time : estimating habitat threats for Bengal, Indochinese, Malayan and Sumatran tigers
15 .Health costs and benefits of ddt use in malaria control and prevention
16 .Climate proofing infrastructure in Bangladesh : the incremental cost of limiting future inland monsoon flood damage
17 .Adaptation to climate extremes in developing countries : the role of education
18 .Vulnerability of bangladesh to cyclones in a changing climate : potential damages and adaptation cost
19 .Sea-level rise and storm surges : a comparative analysis of impacts in developing countries
20 .Stockpiles of obsolete pesticides and cleanup priorities : a methodology and application for Tunisia
21 .Determinants of a digital divide in Sub-Saharan Africa : a spatial econometric analysis of cell phone coverage
22 .Improving indoor air quality for poor families : a controlled experiment in Bangladesh
23 .The impact of sea level rise on developing countries : a comparative analysis
24 .Firms' environmental performance : does news matter ?
25 .Health effects and pesticide perception as determinants of pesticide use : evidence from Bangladesh
26 .Pesticide traders' perception of health risks : evidence from Bangladesh
27 .Pesticide poisoning of farm workers : implications of blood test results from Vietnam
28 .Who suffers from indoor air pollution? evidence from Bangladesh
29 .Indoor air quality for poor families: new evidence from Bangladesh
30 .Is environmentally-friendly agriculture less profitable for farmers ? evidence on integrated pest management in Bangladesh
31 .Air pollution during growth : accounting for governance and vulnerability
32 .Disclosure of environmental violations and the stock market in the Republic of Korea
33 .How has environment mattered ? an analysis of World Bank resource allocation
34 .The Economics of Regional Poverty-Environment Programs: An Application for Lao People's Democratic Republic
35 .Measuring up - new directions for environmental programs at the World Bank
36 .The poverty/environment nexus in Cambodia and Lao People's Democratic Republic
37 .Incomplete enforcement of pollution regulation : bargaining power of Chinese factories
38 .Policy reform, economic growth, and the digital divide - an econometric analysis
39 .Industrial environmental performance in China - the impact of inspections
40 .Opportunities for improving environmental compliance in Mexico
41 .Small manufacturing plants, pollution, and poverty : new evidence from Brazil and Mexico
42 .Accounting for toxicity risks in pollution control : does it matter?
43 .Capital markets responses to environmental performance in developing countries
44 .What improves environmental performance? evidence from Mexican industry
45 .Surviving success : policy reform and the future of industrial pollution in China
46 .Bending the rules : discretionary pollution control in China
47 .Citizen complaints as environmental indicators : evidence from China
48 .Japanese multinationals in Asia : capabilities and motivations
49 .Water pollution abatement by Chinese industry : cost estimates and policy implications
50 .The cross-section of stock returns : evidence from emerging markets
51 .Environmental regulation and development : a cross-country empirical analysis
52 .The World Bank economic review 9(1)

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